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Stroller vs Wagon: How to determine which one you need.

Stroller vs wagon: how to determine which one you need

We know that every new piece of baby gear promises to make your life easier! However, if you buy into this notion you’ll quickly see how all of that baby gear adds up to make your home even more chaotic. There are hundreds of wagons and strollers on the market. New parents probably don’t know how to choose between stroller vs wagon. Of course, they both essentially do the same thing—transport your baby effectively and safely as you commute.

But are they all made the same? They are not. Even if you’re a busy mom who has to juggle multiple babies and work, or a mom with more leisure time who likes to take walks in the park, it’s important to find a baby transport that fits your lifestyle. Usually parents weigh whether a wagon for their kids is enough, or if they should purchase a baby stroller. We will help you choose! Stay tuned to hear all the factors to consider when choosing a baby stroller or wagon. And without further ado, let’s get started!

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Here’s what you need to know about wagons

Wagons are usually bigger than strollers. Therefore if you have only one child, they might not appeal to you. However, there are a lot of reasons why a wagon might be the perfect fit for you. Are you a mom who loves to get as much outside time as possible? If you enjoy long walks outside, you should consider a wagon. It gives your baby the chance to lay flat and nap while you enjoy the summer rays. Of course, your little one can fall asleep in a stroller, but they won’t be as comfortable as if they had the opportunity to really stretch out like they would if they were home. So we recommend wagons for older babies and toddlers who don’t need a lot of support.

Furthermore, if you plan on having multiple children a wagon would work better for you. Instead of buying huge strollers that are really heavy, you can opt for a low-maintenance wagon that holds multiple children at a time. Did you know that there are wagons able to accommodate up to four babies? Therefore, your kid can enjoy a stroll in the park with their favorite toys and the all-terrain tires ensure that no matter where you go, your baby won’t have a rough, bumpy ride.
Besides, doesn’t pushing a stroller gets uncomfortable after a while due to back issues? The wagon bars are much higher, meaning you won’t have to bend as much. This allows you to enjoy your walk with your baby a lot more and for a lot longer.

Weight capacity

Wagons can accommodate a wide age range and several children at once. While most strollers max out at 40 pounds, the wagon’s seat bench can usually hold up to 99 lbs. and the total wagon weight capacity can go up to 300 lbs.! Therefore, even kids who no longer fit in standard stroller seats can still take a rest on your all-day outing.

Endless storage

As mentioned before, traditional strollers typically have under-bed storage that is adequate for a small diaper bag, a few snacks, and maybe a few toys. As a result, you always end up carrying multiple bags for extra storage. On the other hand, most wagons have enough room for at least two kids, if not more, with plenty of space for snacks and lounging. It is so thanks to their wide and open base. What’s more, wagons also have endless amounts of exterior storage accessories which allows you to keep the interior spacious. 

Hard to carry

Even though wagon strollers are heavily convenient, they may be hard to carry, especially if they have a lot of features. These devices are easy to push, yet the added features may sometimes make them significantly heavier. Some features might add upwards of twenty-five pounds or more, making them somewhat of a nuisance if you have to take the stroller anywhere.

Easy to clean

There aren’t many hidden spaces for goldfish and raisins to hide due to the wagon’s boxy design. Usually, wagons have extra padding to make the utility design more comfortable, but these cushions might be tossed in the wash for easy cleaning. What’s more, you can even hose down the models meant for rugged terrain.

Everything You Need To Know About Strollers

 It is very important to determine what your needs are before buying a stroller. If you live in a city, you might be more inclined to buy a stroller. That’s because they are easier to navigate in crowds, especially when you need to use Uber or public transportation. Also, there are some strollers that come with their own car seats (like Kinderwagon strollers) which makes it much easier to travel.

Umbrella strollers, such as Vie, are standard strollers that are meant for sidewalks and light commutes. Do you live in the city and do you like taking walks in your neighborhood? Would you enjoy taking a quick train ride to a park? Then this is the stroller for you. 

It’s nice to have one on hand regardless, while also owning something more heavy-duty for more involved activities. Umbrella strollers are often ideal for airplane travel as well because of how easily they fold up.


Are you an active mom and want to run?

Then you need a jogging stroller such as Jump. The jogging strollers have oversized wheels that help for running or walking over uneven surfaces. Even though most of the jogging strollers can’t be used immediately after giving birth, Jump is not the case. Jump stroller comes with a comfy front seat suitable from 3+ months or birth with a compatible infant car seat. This way there will be no need for a second stroller until your baby is about 7 or 8 months to ensure your baby is safe in the more active, bumpy, jogging stroller.

A standard all-purpose stroller is what a lot of moms tend to have. It’s big and heavy. And even though there are versions of the all-purpose stroller that are much sleeker like the Metro Baby Stroller, these strollers are reliable and you can use them right after you give birth too. They can hold your baby bag and a few other items which give you more space to push your baby around. This is the best option for moms who don’t plan on having a large family.

Purchasing such an accessory

It is worth noting that factors like where you live, your lifestyle, how many children you have, safety, and storage needs have to be considered when choosing transportation for your child. Are you seeking a traditional baby stroller for your child? Then take a look at our virtual stroller shop. Here, we carry strollers that allow you to enjoy every activity! All of our strollers are inspected for safety, professionally photographed, and certified pre-owned so that you can shop with ease from the comfort of your home. If you’re ready to purchase a Kinderwagon stroller or you have any questions, feel free to reach us. We are happy to talk with you! 

Looking for a double stroller?

HOP is a tandem umbrella stroller that really packs a punch. It gives your youngest the comfortable and safe accommodations that they’d have had if they were in a single stroller while at the same time letting your older child ride comfortably when they’re too tired. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow, and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for both twins and siblings that are close in age the small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period.

twin stroler

What’s the difference between a wagon and a traditional stroller?

The first difference between a wagon and a traditional stroller is that a regular stroller caters to only one child at one time. On the other hand, wagons can accommodate at least two children. Also, they frequently offer more features, making them somewhat better. Even though a wagon would be a good choice, keep in mind that traditional strollers occupy a minimal amount of space once they’re folded. To use them, you must simply open them up and then close them again.

What’s more, we must note that it is incredibly simple to place a stroller in a car’s trunk, which it’s often deemed a must-have, especially for new parents. However, buying a stroller or a wagon can still prove to be troublesome, in a way. Remember, not every stroller is suitable for everyone. Being able to find the perfect stroller or wagon for you can make an immaculate difference in your life as a parent. We recommend you go over the pros and cons of getting such an accessory before buying one for your baby.

Do you need more help to choose the perfect stroller for your child, as well as for you, as a parent? 👉🏻 Click here!

They can both make travelling a lot easier

With the help of strollers and wagons, traveling becomes nothing but a breeze. Therefore, you can rest assured that your entire trip to the market will be filled with ease and comfort, be it to a local grocery store or a shopping mall.

They both offer sun protection

Strollers and wagons have canopies that stretch horizontally to cover the entire unit. This means that your baby’s delicate skin isn’t in direct sunlight.

You will give your back a break (with both of them)

Are you wearing all the babies (and carrying all the gear)? Let a stroller or a wagon do the work. A stroller/ wagon has room for kids and deep pockets for necessities. Furthermore, the push/pull system makes maneuvering the unit easy on your core muscles.

Stroller VS Wagon: What to consider

The first question you should ask yourself when selecting a baby stroller vs a wagon is where you’ll be taking your child. It is very important to think about your daily life. Then imagine if it would be more convenient to transport your children in a stroller or a wagon to those places. 


Strollers are designed for easy maneuverability to make parents’ lives easier when they are out running errands! Most strollers (including some double strollers such as Hop) fit easily through doorways as well so that you can avoid any hassle while you’re out!  On the other hand, wagons have a basic rectangular shape that makes it difficult to navigate through indoor spaces. 


Are you concerned about bulkiness, weight, and storage when it comes to a stroller or wagon? Both stroller wagons and traditional baby strollers are portable! You will be able to find super lightweight options for both of these. It is also worth noting that there are varieties of both of these items that have easy-fold functionality. This way you don’t need to waste time assembling or breaking down this transportation solution. However, wagons are a bit wider and might be more difficult to store in tight places.

Portability and folding mechanism depend on the brand

As we all know, some fold great, others are giant monsters. The majority of strollers can fold down and fit in a bigger car. There are also some gigantic stroller wagons  (when folded). Of course, they won’t fit into smaller cars. Therefore, wagons are not the greatest for travel, public transportation, or long city trip when kids still nap. A lot of parents agree that they could never get away with just the wagon and no stroller. Kinderwagon offers the most portable strollers. Click here to quench your curiosity.


Do you have multiple children and spend a lot of time outside? Then a stroller wagon will be more convenient for you because they are wider and will allow two to three children to fit comfortably inside. 

If your children are a bit older and like to be in and out of their seats, a wagon is a bit more convenient than traditional storage because the child can easily hop out. Anyways, this can be negative as some children are masterminds in wiggling out of their stroller and trying to make a quick getaway! Keep in mind that it all depends on your unique child. Furthermore, if you are expecting your first child and run a lot of indoor errands – then a traditional stroller will be the most convenient choice. 


We all know that the number one priority for parents is safety! Strollers have a safety harness that you’ll be able to use to buckle your child into. Also, they usually have belly bars to protect your child from falling out and overhead canopies to protect them from the sun. On the other hand, there are some wagon options which come with overhead canopies and seat belts. We totally recommend finding a padded stroller wagon that has safety belts to keep your kids secure. 


Don’t forget to consider landscape and weather when choosing between a stroller wagon or a traditional stroller. If you live in a hilly area, you might need a modern stroller as they typically have a handlebar control brake which makes walking down steep hills a breeze.  Wagons might be difficult to navigate if you have to go downhill, and tough to pull up a steep walk if you need. 

Remember that gravity is not on your side when it comes to lugging along a stroller wagon. Otherwise, if you live in a relatively flat area, you might not have any difficulty navigating a wagon too. 

Special strollers that handle rough terrain

Do you find yourself carrying your stroller (with a baby onboard) over grassy patches and rocky paths? Then you need to consider a stroller that can handle off-roading, like Kinderwagon strollers. You will be able to bring them to the beach, park, nature trail, wherever your adventures take you.

They can haul more than just kids

A Kinderwagon stroller makes it easy to tote all of your baby stuff along with anything else you may need for the day. So, are you going to a park? You will be able to bring a cooler filled with food and drinks for the family. Or maybe you are headed to the beach? Now you can pile all the beach toys. They even have cupholders to carry beverages.

Your big kids can use them too

Do you have an older child who still gets tired on all-day outings but is too leggy (and heavy) for a stroller? Then you’ll want a Kinderwagon stroller. While most strollers max out at 40 pounds, a  Kinderwagon’s seat can hold kids up to 50.

To sum it up

No matter which product you choose, just keep in mind what your tolerance is, what your lifestyle is, and whether or not you plan to have more children soon after. When choosing transportation for your child you need to consider factors like where you live, your lifestyle, how many children you have, safety, and storage.  If you are seeking a baby stroller for your child, then take a look at our virtual Stroller Store! It is worth noting that all of our strollers are inspected for safety, professionally photographed, and certified pre-owned. This way you can shop with ease from the comfort of your home.