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Rules for going to Disneyland with a stroller

Rules For Going to Disneyland With a Stroller.

There is a lot to explore at Walt Disney World. With four different theme parks, waterparks, mini-golf courses, entertainment complexes, and more, you’ll probably cover a lot of ground before vacation is done. If you are still struggling with deciding whether you need to bring your stroller to Disneyland or leave it at home, we are here to help. Most guests usually average around 15,000 steps per day. Others have clocked in as many as 35,000 steps a day at Disney World or more than 17 miles. It involves a lot of walking and is likely to tire out everyone at some point, especially younger children and even those who don’t normally use a stroller.


Therefore, if you’ll be doing Disney World with kids, all that walking can be daunting. We suggest you consider a Disney World stroller rental or make plans to bring your own. (Unless you want to deal with cranky, tired kiddos with achy feet.) For those choosing to travel with a stroller at Disney World, we have some advice to make life easier for you and those around you while visiting the parks. Here are our tips to make the decision-making (and stroller-using) process much more peaceful for you. So, stay tuned as this article can give you an up-to-date idea of what to expect.

Is bringing a stroller to Disney a hassle? If yes, will the kids get too tired of walking? 

Every family is different. Whether or not to bring a stroller to Disney might be a tricky decision. As mentioned before, the stroller can be a huge help. However, at times, it can be a hassle too. Some parents choose not to bring a stroller at all and rest frequently throughout the day. Others bring their own so the kids can conk out when they need to. Sometimes the stroller may end up more like a shopping cart by the end of the day. Parents pile it up with discarded jackets, half-full water bottles, and souvenirs.

Anyways, we have happy news for those who choose to utilize a stroller during their trip. Disney World is pretty stroller-friendly. It has a lot of ample parking and wide walkways. And even more exciting news — Disney World’s stroller rentals just got a lot more colorful. Instead of a basic beige color, they are now red-and-black. You can also find strollers with Mickey on one side and Minnie on the other – making it cuter!


Here are some tried and true Disney World stroller hacks

It’s very easy to lose your stroller in the mass – make it stand out

Of course, you will be able to take your stroller all over each Disney park. But did you know that there are many attractions and buildings that you can’t take your stroller in? There will be stroller parking outside of these locations, what we like to call, the “Sea of Strollers.” They are attended to by Cast Members. During the time that you are enjoying the attractions or dining reservations, Cast Members might move your strollers for better guest flow. That means, when you return, your stroller may not be in its original location. Considering the vast number of strollers, it is very easy to lose your stroller in the mass. You have to make it stand out. It always helps to have something on it to catch your eye! Here are some easy ways to make your stroller stand out in the crowd.

  • Some parents like to use Balloons. We wouldn’t recommend using ballons sold by the parks even though a lot of people do so. Venture to Walmart or the Dollar Tree instead and grab some balloons to attach to your stroller.
  • You can tie Bandanas, Ribbons, or Flags to the Handles. Try to use bright colors to make it really stand out.
  • Using lights is especially helpful at night. We think it would be a good idea to buy some battery-operated lights to attach to the stroller.
  • Try to use your own signs. As we all know, each rental company will have its own hanging sign. Even Disney will. However, you need to have one that is just yours. This way it will be more unique. You can either design your own or find one on Etsy that you like.

ID your stroller with yarn

You can make colorful yarn braids to tie around your stroller handles. They are cheap and easy to make! So go ahead and purchase brightly colored yarn at your local craft store and just braid away!

Track your stroller with Tile

It is also worth noting that there are some “Sea of Strollers” that are harder to navigate, such as the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom. There are two separate sections to the stroller parking area. Having Tile on your stroller is going to help you find it! Tile is a little device that you can zip tie to the stroller (or backpack or whatever). It keeps track of your item using GPS. To find your stroller, all you have to do is activate your Tile through the app and just follow the music! We highly recommend having a Tile attached to any important item you have in the Disney Parks! The extra security is worth it, you will need it.

We also recommend spraying your stroller with bug spray

Do mosquitos love you? Don’t worry, Disney World has great bug control. Anyways, another layer of protection would not be a bad idea. What’s great about bug spray is that you don’t have to spray it directly on your skin to obtain that “go away” effect! Take your favorite bug spray and spray it directly on the outside of your stroller instead. That way your little one is protected without needing to have it on his skin!

Stroller Handles

Toddlers love to explore and strive for some big kid independence. They usually enjoy time out of their stroller to walk on their own. However, it is a little bit hard for them to walk in a straight line, and sometimes they don’t stay close to their family. We have the perfect hack for you… Investing in a Stroller Handle will keep them close, but also far enough that they won’t trip over the wheels! This little gadget hooks easily onto the stroller and gives your child something to hold onto while walking on their own. What’s more, you can even use it on shopping carts for trips to the grocery store!

Organize everything into separate Ziploc bags.

Are you shoving items into the underneath stroller compartment and praying that they don’t fall out? No one wants to locate them again! This is such a pain for every parent, especially when you need to find something quickly. That’s why it is very important to organize everything into separate Ziploc bags. For example, you could use one for snacks and candy, another for sunscreen and bug spray, and a third for any miscellaneous items you may collect along the way! This will make your life so much easier!

Are you thinking of renting a stroller? 

Remember that this comes with a whole new set of conveniences and inconveniences. We don’t usually recommend that for a variety of reasons:

  • Did you know that the Disneyland strollers are not ideal for small infants and do not recline?
  • During this time, you may want to control your small child’s environment. Therefore it is very important to use the stroller as a familiar retreat.

We know it can be a pain to travel with it, but having your own stroller makes life a lot easier.

Bring your own stroller at disneyland.

If you don’t mind traveling with your stroller, bringing your own to Disney World is the best choice. The hassle of flying with a stroller is totally understandable, but it’s worth it. First, we recommend bringing your own stroller because this way you can save money — from $18 to $36 per day (stroller rental costs). The umbrella strollers available in the parks are expensive for their size. Plus, they look exactly alike. Therefore, your own stroller can be easier to find in a crowded (stroller) parking area. So, it’s easier to identify, you know how it maneuvers and it has the features you need. What’s more, if you are bringing an infant with you, we highly recommend a stroller with a removable car seat. Strollers should be parked outside of the attractions. Anyways most shows and even some slow-moving rides will allow you to bring the car seat inside.


Even while using our own stroller, we recommend you bring disinfecting wipes to wipe down the frequently touched surfaces of the stroller (the tray, buckles, handle, etc.). This way you will keep your family healthy. Toddlers touch everything and put their fingers in their mouths so often! That’s why it’s a good idea to wipe down that stroller anytime, really.

Take a look at Disneyland rules about stroller size

In 2019, a new stroller policy took effect at all Disney parks, including Disney World. Keep in mind that strollers larger than 31 inches wide by 52 inches long and stroller wagons are not allowed. On our Disney visits, we have seen a lot of stroller wagons left behind (under Disneyland’s care) at the parking structure. They did not make it through security. It is worth noting that Disneyland does not even allow a stroller wagon that is smaller than the allowed measurements. The stroller needs to fit the guidelines when it goes through security. 

Are you having a hard time measuring? 

Try putting some painter’s tape on the ground in a 31-inch by 52-inch rectangle. Then wheel the stroller over it to check. While many strollers meet these guidelines, some do not. That’s why it is important to measure before your trip. This way you will avoid any surprises when you arrive.

The perfect lightweight stroller for your disneyland trip

You need a stroller for quick trips and also for use while traveling. We are happy to tell you that METRO stroller can help you during all of your Disney activities. Get ready to hit the ground rolling with a lightweight aluminum frame that folds compactly for ease of use and storage. The storage space under the seat has plenty of space for shopping, diapers, and more.

Furthermore, it is important for young babies to have eye contact with their parents. Removable seat units can be used rearward facing with your child looking towards you then convert to forward facing when your child is older. 

Metro offers a dual position seat which allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensures a smooth ride. Besides, this also allows parents to have the choice to either watch their baby or allow them to enjoy the same view as them while strolling.

If you have a car, you might look for a stroller that can hold your baby’s car seat. The included (no need to buy anything additional) universal car seat adapter allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats.

If Metro doesn’t fit your needs, explore more stroller options that can easily take you everywhere!

Metro Red Stroller for babies

Disney Stroller requirements

Even if you bring your own stroller or decide to rent, there are some guidelines that guests must follow. These guidelines will be restricting everything from how big or what kind strollers can be – to how they can be used. Current stroller restrictions include:   

  • As mentioned before, strollers can’t be bigger than 31″ (79 cm) x 52″ (132 cm). Double strollers are allowed, but they have to fall within the sizing requirements. Hop stroller for example, is a double stroller which fits within these size guidelines.
  • Stroller wagons are not allowed. 
  • Remember that strollers can’t be taken onto escalators. However, they are allowed on ramps and elevators (when available).
  • Keep in mind that strollers may not leave the theme parks or Disney Springs. When using the parking lot tram, children have to exit the stroller and sit alongside the rest of their group. 
  • Furthermore, a Cast Member may move your stroller to help manage high traffic areas or other operational needs. 
  • Don’t forget that personal belongings shouldn’t be left in a stroller unattended.


Even though the rule wasn’t always enforced in the past, wagons haven’t been allowed at the theme parks for a while now. Following a May 2019 statement, however, Disney has taken the restriction seriously. The banning of stroller wagons helps keep crowds flowing and safe.

You can buy a stroller when you arrive

We’d only recommend buying a new stroller if you have a longer vacation period that isn’t limited to the parks and you did not bring your own. Whether you forgot or changed your mind. Disney World gift shops offer an umbrella stroller for around $60 that has a cup holder and can recline. Furthermore, we must also note that the Disney World stroller rental costs are significantly higher than the price tag of a cheap stroller from a local Target (Wal-Mart or even Amazon).

Prime can bring it directly to your hotel. It makes more sense to buy one. We would recommend making sure it will be delivered at least 2 days before your arrival. Also, if you choose to venture outside of the parks, you can take the stroller with you. You can always bring it home. Otherwise, if you want to pass on some Disney magic, gift it to another family waiting in the rental line on your last day of vacation.

disneyland-stroller-parking line

We are covering here some tips to help you plan for Disney World

In this section, we cover some planning tips. You will know what to do before you get to the parks and before you leave your hotel room.

  • It’s important to look at the Disney park map before you enter & decide starting point. For sure, this is going to save you several minutes of decision-making and debate.
  • Do you have plans to use Disney transport? Well, we all know that plans may change and it is good to have a backup. We recommend you download the Uber/Lyft app.
  • Don’t forget to keep swimwear in the car – just in case you want to go to a water park.
  • Remember to keep left – Queues are generally shorter on the left. We found this the case every time!
  • Last but not least, make sure to have all bags ready for security to go through. You must know beforehand what is not allowed at the parks.

Few budget tips for Disney World

  • Remember to take your own Disney costumes and ears. They really help with meets and greets!
  • Try to bring your own light-up toys & glow sticks for the nighttime shows.
  • We recommend skipping the Character lunch and dinner. You can do breakfast instead, it’s cheaper!

Free pins at guest services

At guest services, both in the parks and at the resorts, you can ask for a complimentary celebratory pin. You can do so for almost any occasion you can think of. Be it your Birthday, Anniversary, honeymoon… Are you celebrating? You can go and grab a pin! What’s more, you can even get a blank one and write in what you are celebrating. Beautiful things happen when you wear a pin. For example, Cast members may hand out treats, take you to the front of the line, or even give you a bonus FastPass+. It’s definitely worth getting one!