Keeping the kids happy in a stroller


Is your kid starting to hate being strapped in? One of the most popular problems most parents ran into while strolling was keeping their babies entertained. If you’re still not there, for sure you will soon reach the day where you will struggle to keep your toddler in their pushchair or stroller. We all know that keeping the kids happy in a stroller can be a challenge.

Kids don’t like to sit still for very long. This leads to whining and crying. They tend to get distracted easily and need incentives to keep still. Every parent needs some clever ways that allow keeping the kids happy in a stroller – and we are here to help you. We have managed to find some survival tactics for when parents need to get a move on. In this article, you will be able to explore different ideas on how you can keep your toddler in their pushchair or stroller –  and some hacks that will help your trips with the pushchair go smoothly.

Why your toddler won’t stay in the stroller?

We have all seen it: A tired parent trying to stuff a red-faced, howling toddler into a stroller. Other times, the stubborn toddler is wildly protesting his parent’s attempt to get him into a high chair at a restaurant. So, his back is arched, his arms are flailing, and his wail is loud while he puts forth a last-ditch attempt to remain free. There are certain situations where a lockdown is inevitable. 

As mentioned before, it’s very common for toddlers to freak out in the stroller. It’s worth noting that it makes sense developmentally. Toddlers are just starting to gain control of their bodies and they really want independence. Kids want to explore and learn about the world around them. Did you know that toddler’s natural state is about non-stop action and movement? Therefore it’s not surprising that stroller meltdowns happen. But of course, it’s also important to check that the stroller isn’t pinching or otherwise causing discomfort.

toddler sitting in a stroller and crying out of discomfort


There are days when strapping your kid in a stroller is just not negotiable. That’s because maybe you’re zipping through an airport or doing daycare drop-off on foot or by public transit. In this case, what’s the best way to get your stubborn toddler to accept the unacceptable, or (failing that) to get him to acquiesce once you lay down the law? For the times when you simply can’t let your little one walk on their own and you don’t have the option of a carrier, try these strategies to take the stress out of strollers. 

There are several approaches you could take to keeping the kids happy in a stroller:

First, try to figure out why your toddler hates the stroller

Your toddler wants independence. You, as a parent, don’t want to be chasing him around all afternoon (and you really don’t want to lose him!). That’s a tough situation. So first, you will have to figure out why your toddler hates the stroller. Then you can figure out a solution. For example, you might be using a stroller that’s designed for babies and that doesn’t let him sit fully upright. Therefore, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a stroller designed for older children. You might want to try a completely different style.

It’s important to make sure your toddler is comfortable in the stroller. This way they will be more willing to stay in it while you are out. We recommend you use blankets and small pillows to provide padding in the stroller. Put socks and gloves on your toddler so they are warm and cozy. On the other hand, you have to make sure they are shaded from the sun in the stroller. Put a hat on your toddler. Don’t forget to make sure a sunshade is down over the stroller if there is one. You can also check that your toddler is comfortable in the stroller by simply asking them. “Are you comfortable in there?” or “How does being in the stroller feel?”

“Skip” might be your “go to” stroller when it comes to comfort!

“Skip” is not your typical umbrella stroller. With 6 1/2 inch wheels you will be able to conquer whatever terrain gets in your way. Quick, nimble, and folds up in a flash to be stored in the trunk of your car or the tiniest of closets. Skip baby strollers are convenient for both newborn and older babies. While most umbrella strollers are designed for children 6 months and up Skip is suitable from 3+ months, or birth with a compatible infant car seat.

A skip baby stroller is an excellent way of keeping your baby entertained and safe. This stroller will give you that extra sense of security when visiting crowded places – knowing that your baby is strapped in a comfortable way. You can check it in at the airport and you can also fit it into your car. Also, it is an ultra-lightweight stroller that can fold up easily (like an umbrella) and can be slung over your shoulder or carried using a handle.

Explore some other stroller options that can keep the kids happy.

Umbrella stroller for big kids

Don’t forget to watch the weather- prepare for weather changes.

Before you head out, we recommend you to check the hourly forecast for the time period you plan to be outside. Fall and winter weather can turn on a dime. You need to watch out for any potential precipitation. Plus, you have to be prepared for weather changes. Your kids may start out in a long-sleeved T-shirt and pants, but you will also want to pack a tank top, jacket, shorts, rain cover, boots, sandals and a blanket. 

Layer Up

As we all know, children need one additional layer beyond what you are wearing. Therefore, we recommend you to dress kids in multiple layers that are easy to take off, like zippered hoodies. This way, if they do get hot you can easily remove a layer. Make sure they have on hats and mittens. Bringing along a big blanket would also be a good idea. It can be tucked around your kids to keep them warm. Another option would be to look for blankets made specifically to fit over strollers that zip up like a sleeping bag. Furthermore, don’t forget to make sure their feet are covered. Babies can often kick off socks and shoes, and once their toes are cold, your stroller walk is pretty much over. It’s better to dress your kids in footed pajamas to help keep their feet warm. Are they are beyond the footed PJ’s stage? Then socks and winter boots can do the trick too.

It is very important to prepare the stroller for cold weather

Use the stroller basket and pack all the supplies. We recommend you to bring plenty of tissues for runny noses, lip balm or petroleum jelly to protect little mouths and cheeks, and sunglasses to shield sensitive eyes.  Pack enough of everything for yourself, too. We must also note that your stroller rain cover is not just for rain. It can be a huge asset in cold conditions too because it helps block wind and trap heat inside the stroller. The best models allow you to vent the sides to let fresh air in. 

Try to get active beforehand

Did you know that toddlers need 180 minutes of activity a day? It’s also recommended that a toddler not be restrained in a stroller or car seat for more than an hour at a time. Therefore, you have to take breaks. Another way to make your stroller walk happier is by taking five minutes before stroller time so your toddler can get the wiggles out, by dancing or running around. What’s more, you can  make a game out of reaching arms or waving feet while they’re in the stroller to release some energy. 


To keep your toddler happy and relaxed in the stroller, start by preparing them for the stroller. Try to make them excited to go on a little trip outside. Ask your little one if he/she’d like to go outside in the stroller for a little while. Don’t forget to tell them it will be an exciting adventure and that they can play in the stroller. It is important to talk to your toddler about where you are going. To make your toddler get excited about going into the stroller, try to emphasize that the stroller will be a place where they play, sleep, or simply watch the world outside. This can also help and make the stroller ride easier for you. For example, you can say to your toddler: “Are you ready to go on an adventure in the stroller?” or “Ready for stroller time?”

Remember to also mention all of the fun that you will have when you get there. What if you are going somewhere that doesn’t particularly thrill them, like the shops, for example? Then you can talk to them about a treat that they can have during or at the end of the trip. Perhaps there is a special corner they like to see amongst the shops? Or a special toy shop you can visit? Even a small treat that they could have, such as a sticker for being extra good helps a lot. Use your voice to keep your toddler focused on the positives of staying in their pushchair. This will help to get them in the right frame of mind.

Empathize with your kiddo

What’s more, did you know that empathizing with your kiddo can go a long way?  Say: “I know you don’t want to sit in the stroller. I know you like to walk or run. But it’s time for you to get in the stroller so we can walk to daycare.” You can also use silly songs and voices, crooning, “Sorry you have to be in there….” Did you know that toddlers don’t understand the concept of time? Therefore instead of saying you’ll arrive in five minutes, point out something they can see.  For example, you could say: “When we get to that blue building, then you can get out and walk.”


A snack will become a necessity when they’re suddenly “starving!” You can give your toddler snacks in pieces. This is a good way to keep your child busy. Choose healthy snacks that they can eat in the stroller and that is broken into pieces. For example nuts, pieces of fruit, or healthy chips are all good options. To prolong their time in the stroller, you can also make the most out of the snacks by giving your toddler the snack a few pieces at a time. In this way, you are helping to keep their hands occupied and focus on eating in the stroller.

Otherwise, you can give your kid snacks that take a long time to finish. Snacks keep them busy, we know that. But making sure to have the right snacks is super important. The ones that take them forever to eat are the best – like cups of crackers, apple slices, or trail mix. Choose the cups with lids and small openings just for their little hands. This keeps the snacks from falling out, and from eating too many at once. Furthermore, fruit popsicles or natural sugar lollipops can be a good option for occupying your toddler in the stroller. Looking for more snack ideas? You could also offer include sliced apples, orange segments, or string cheese.

cute girl eating strawberries in a stroller

Special toys in the stroller

It’s very important to make sure your toddler has access to toys that they like in their stroller. Try to find certain toys that are stroller only and bust them out before a walk in the stroller. If your toddler has a favorite toy they like to always play with, don’t forget to put that toy in the stroller. To make sure they do not fall out of the stroller, you have to go for toys that can be attached to the stroller in some way, such as by a strap or a clip. Other toys also have clips you can attach to your toddler’s clothing.

Engaging toys

Keep in mind that stroller toys or activities that require your baby to do something to them are also much more engaging than those that do nothing.  A baby will easily get bored of a toy if there is nothing interactive about it. Stroller accessories that have some sort of activity component will provide longer lasting entertainment to a baby. For example, try to choose toys with lots of buttons to press, cloth books or board books with pages to turn. 

Books will keep your kid happy in a stroller

It’s a good idea to save books your kids haven’t read in a while or get ones from the library, particularly for stroller fun. Children love to look at books. This might give you about 15-minutes or so. It all depends on how many books you bring, or how old your little one is. There are baby books too, with pop-ups, touch-sensory pages, and more. They do really well for the smaller ones too.


Lastly, we must note that talking and singing to your toddler helps a lot. We recommend that parents interact with their kids during stroller walks so they feel engaged and excited to be in the stroller. Try to chat with them about the day and the things they are seeing outside. Do singalongs with your little ones to keep them busy. You can also ask your toddler to describe what they see from inside the stroller. Or you may sing their favorite song to keep them happy and occupied.