Fashionista mom matching stroller with her daughter

Twinning – Mom and Baby Matching ❤️

Twinning – mom and baby matching

Having a baby is one of the biggest joys of life. It goes beyond words. Of course, there are plenty of reasons to rejoice in having a baby! One of them is about playing dress-up with your little one.  Are you a social media user? Then you have surely noticed the mom and baby matching trend. They love posting pictures of their twinning outfits online. Lately, every parent is jumping on board with this mommy/daddy-and-me trend, and some are put off by it. Stay tuned to find out creative ways on how to match with your child. Don’t forget to document these twinning moments. They are going to become beautiful memories. 



If your baby is a girl then dresses would be the best easy choice. Floral dresses for example, are always timeless and chic. Dress it for spring and summer! Next, classic Polka Dots are a girl’s best friend when it comes to patterns. We believe that every girl should have polka dots in her closet. It makes them happy and it also makes them look like a graceful diva.


Here’s where parents and babies stay comfortable and cute at the same time.  We recommend you to dress your baby in comfortable & stylish jeans pairing them with a white top! Simple as that and very easy. This combination goes well during summer or even as casual wear. Stretchy denim with adjustable, elastic waists and hems would be a good choice. Also, they would be perfect for photos and playtime. If you want to make it more interesting, start by matching them with a jacket or a jumper.


It’s ok to use plain colors on your clothing. A bright pop of color is all you need to coordinate and you’ve got yourself a winner. Try to create a miniature version of yourself by keeping it simple. Step it up a notch with one dramatic color. Very simple but also very elegant look. It will have all eyes on you two! If you need more ideas and inspiration for the mom and baby matching trends take a look at the video below.


We know that dressing your tiny tot can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. And we know that dressing your tiny tot can be a bit of a struggle sometimes. So here are a few things for you to keep in mind, that we find helpful. Comfort is very important. For sure you know that wide necks make dressing easier. Always choose easy-to-wear loose sleeves. Think about your baby’s clothing sizes. Try to customize baby outfits 2 or 3 sizes larger. This way your kiddo can use them at least for 6-12months!

Also, it is very important to use soft/cotton material as much as possible. Choose the fabric carefully so that it does not irritate your little one’s skin. Keep in mind that you should avoid materials that have too many embellishments such as sequins, beads, etc. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with bright vibrant colors. As we all know, it is almost universally accepted that blue is for boys and the palette overwhelming with pink and purple is for girls. You should ditch the stereotyping and enjoy the full range of colors and styles.


Now here’s where it gets even more interesting. Did you know that parents can now match their outfit with the stroller?

 VIE for example is a stroller that has multiple options for colors. And if parents can’t decide on a single color, they can handle to get more than one stroller as a result of Vie’s affordable prices. Usually parents love how this stroller is very high quality. At under $60, it’s an incredible value for a stroller with this many great features. Don’t hesitate and give it the chance to show you how amazing Vie is. 

What’s more, Vie is definitely not your typical umbrella stroller. Quick, nimble, and easily collapsible, it is the stroller that goes everywhere and you can stash anywhere! Keep one in the car for quick outings.

And believe us, this is the one you want to travel with! 


Stroller years are precisely those when human brains are developing more rapidly than they ever will again. Most adults have no idea just how tuned in babies’ brains are to the environment around them. Young brains are being shaped by every single tiny experience that a child has so they need us, grown-ups, to pay attention to their emotional needs. 

A baby stroller that comes in different colors such as red, blue, yellow and green not only will make the twinning process easier. It will also make your child love the stroller even more. As we all know young children are attracted to warm, bright colors. Remember that contrasting colors (as you find them in the Vie’s composition ) send the strongest signals to a baby’s brain to help stimulate brain growth and aid in visual development. 

This is explained by Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. By three months, a baby starts to see color and the addition of brighter, primary colors become important for their development. This way you can increase the child’s desire to “walk” with you and at the same time contribute to his development by exposing him to the colors of the stroller. If you want to make sure your baby enjoys their stroller as much as you do, it is important to understand how they perceive color. In addition to visual stimulation, psychological studies show that color has an effect on mood, behavior, sleep, memory, and even health. Warm colors create a comfortable and intimate environment. So this stroller is going to be a thrill for your kids.

baby laying in color balls


Matching with your baby is a trend that dates back to the 1900s. It has gone in and out of style multiple times since then.  This look caught popularity in the early 1900s when French couturière Jeanne Lanvin introduced the trend following the birth of her only child, Marguerite. Marguerite was born in 1897. It was then when Jeanne realized there was a gap in the fashion market and debuted a high-end children’s line in 1908.

She used the same materials and styles that were part of her women’s wear, and her child served as her model. The mother-daughter duo were spotted donning matching outfits very frequently. At that time Marguerite found matching outfits embarrassing. Today most of the celebrity moms and their kids are parading around in coordinating couture outfits. They are making the style look cool! Starting from the late Princess Diana and Prince William’s matching pale blue coats in the early ‘80s to Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s matching Gucci dresses who have mastered the art of twinning.


In 1908 the trend didn’t last for a very long time. This happened as a result of The Great Depression which sidetracked a lot of luxury industries. At that time, even upscale women could not afford high-end clothing to match their children. Later, after the economy rebounded, the trend returned. Then women were seen again matching their daughters while they did house chores, like cooking and cleaning.

Lately, in recent years, the trend has made another comeback. And of course, it looks a bit different in the age of social media. Today, celebrities have been taking to Instagram to post photographs of their and their daughters’ lookalike outfits. Such posts are always a hit. Followers are loving the adorable and fashion-forward twinning look. 


1- Matching with your baby emphasizes the parent and child relationship.

The matching outfit style flourished in a time when there was a cultural emphasis on the mother-daughter relationship. It was first seen in the 1908 photograph of Jeanne and Marguerite. They attended a ball with identical outfits, with their hands clasped and eyes intertwined. That picture is full of emotions. It easily illustrates the strong bond between a mother and her daughter. That beautiful photo became so iconic that it later served as an inspiration to the Lanvin logo. So, no matter how you feel about the trend, there is no denying that it results in a mother and daughter being together and bonding.

2- It helps parents to dress young.

On top of all these, parent-child twinning is also a way for the parents to look and dress young. Such designs are often intentionally trendy in order to emphasize a parent’s youthfulness instead of their baby’s maturity. Today, there are many ways parents can ride on this trend.  You can buy matching clothes on brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, along with Lanvin. They offer twinning outfits at hefty price tags. But there are also several budget-friendly options on the market.

momy and baby matching


The mom and baby matching trend was first started by moms who matched their daughters. They were seen as affluent women who had time to plan outfits, sew outfits or afford high-end fashion. But, as mentioned before, those who support this trend believe it represents a strong bond and relationship between a parent and the child. Wearing matching outfits shows that the parents are invested in their child’s life and interests. It is a fun, creative, and interesting way to dress up. 

There are a lot more reasons behind the fashion, so rather than asking ‘why twin?’, ask yourself ‘why not?’