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An Age by Age Stroller Guide – Infant to Toddler


A stroller is a must-have kit for parents with small children. It comes in handy whenever you want to head out running errands, going shopping, or traveling. You can have a sense of peace when going through crowded places. The parents are able to see their child in front of them instead of lagging behind or getting lost in the crowd. 

The perfect ride for a baby depends on the child’s age. We know you need a good one that will actually last more than a few months. So how do you make sure you buy a stroller (or two, but not four or five) that has everything you need for every age? Stay tuned as we show you a rundown of the types of strollers and features you’ll need (and want) as your child grows from infant to toddler

Toddler sleeping in a black umbrella stroller


If you plan to use a stroller for your newborn, make sure that the stroller reclines. Must be so due to the fact that young babies can’t sit up or hold up their heads. The strollers which are able to fully recline or can be used with a bassinet attachment or an infant-only car seat are appropriate for newborns.

Take a look at Metro which comes with the included universal car seat adapter. It allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats. What’s more, removable seat units can be used rearward facing with your child looking towards you then convert to forward facing when your child is older. Metro also offers a dual position seat which allows your baby to face you or take on the world.

Using a stroller that accommodates an infant car seat (such as Metro) you don’t have to wake baby every time you take her in and out of the car. But, if you’re a city mom, or you just don’t drive much, instead of a travel system, get an infant stroller with a bassinet attachment. It will allow you to lay your little one down and go. No attachments, adaptors or snaps (to finagle with) needed. For sure, this is something you’ll appreciate in the early sleep-deprived, new-mom days. The bassinet can also double as a mini crib.

Kinderwagon red metro

As mentioned before, you need to look for a sturdy, structured infant stroller as your main concern is keeping baby stable, supported and comfortable. It must have a good suspension system that can absorb bounces and prevent jostling. Furthermore, try to keep in mind that most jogging strollers aren’t designed to recline. As a result, they aren’t appropriate for babies until about age 6 months.


It feels like buying a new baby stroller isn’t all that different from buying a new car. We recommend all the parents to ask themselves some of the same questions: How good is the suspension? What kind of terrain can the stroller handle? How does it deal with turns? And what’s kind of storage does it have?

Now the baby is able to sit upright. At this point your stroller’s seat is more important than ever. It has to be roomy, with plenty of support and cushioning, adjustable and offer multiple recline positions to keep up with your growing little one. It is very important to make sure it comes with a five-point harness. This will keep your child snug and secure while you’re strolling.

One often-overlooked feature that will come in handy now: a seat that can face forward or backward. It is important for young babies to have eye contact with their parents. As mentioned before, Metro stroller can be used rearward facing with your child looking towards you then convert to forward-facing when your child is older. It offers a dual-position seat that allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride. Besides, this also allows parents to have the choice to either watch their baby or allow them to enjoy the same view as them while strolling.

Now’s that the baby has good head and neck control, parents might start thinking of buying a specialty stroller to compliment your original one. The best stroller for your baby will depend on your family’s needs. To figure out which kind is right for you, think about your lifestyle. Do you live in the city and rely on your stroller to get you, almost, everywhere? Or do you just need something to keep in the trunk of your car in case you need to run into a store with the baby or have a special outing planned? 

Metro Red Stroller for babies

What to Consider?

Your day-to-day life directly impacts what kind of stroller you need. Are you a mom on the go? We recommend you to look for a lightweight jogging stroller that handles both sidewalks and trails. 

Consider picking up Skip baby stroller

It is a lightweight umbrella stroller which makes travel (and storage) easy. Skip also has some very helpful features like extra storage and car seats. With 6 1/2 inch wheels you will be able to conquer whatever terrain gets in your way. While most umbrella strollers are designed for children 6 months and up, this one is suitable from 3+ months, or birth with a compatible infant car seat.

Folds easily and isn’t too bulky. It has space where you can put in some extra storage. It also provides a great eight-wheel drive making it easy to use on dirt terrain or city walks and it all weighs only 14 lbs. If you plan on using your stroller every day, you don’t have to sacrifice convenience or comfort. Skip remains lightweight while offering parent trays, extra storage, and even padding. It also comes with sunshades that help shield the baby from harmful UV rays.

Black baby stroller


The child is becoming more independent and curious. He/She wants to soak in the world around. Now your child is constantly hopping out of the stroller and you’ll likely wind up carrying it. It is very important to go for a lightweight model with a quick and easy fold (such as Skip). Also, the stroller should still have a five-point harness to keep your wiggly explorer secure. Its wheels must be easy to navigate. When your toddler is walking next to you holding your hand, you’ll need to steer the stroller with the other hand. It’s not easy to do with every stroller.


Pick the right timing

Picking the right timing requires observation over time. You might want to try introducing the stroller to your baby at different times of the day. Start to take note of the times or circumstances under which your child is more willing to accept it. For example, early in the morning after your baby has had a good night’s sleep he might like to be in the stroller.

Make it fun

For babies and toddlers, you need to provide a beloved toy or object to keep them occupied in the stroller. On the other hand, to help older kids, consider inventing a game of sorts. For example, you could play spot the next red object. Then see who gets there first, by stroller of course – it’s faster.

Stay connected in some ways 

Try to engage your baby with your voice. You can also provide loving physical touch to give them the comfort of your presence. Furthermore, we recommend you to consider a rear-facing stroller (Did you see Metro?). This way your baby can have eye contact with you. 

Take regular breaks 

If your baby has been in the stroller for some time, try to give him sufficient opportunities to get out of the stroller. You might want to do so before he starts crying. For older children, we recommend to give them a break from the stroller before they try to wrest their way out of the stroller. 


This question has been a subject of debate for many years and will likely continue to be so. Even though the stroller can be a lifesaver for parents, there comes a point when your child has to stand on their own two feet — and get walking. There are no set guidelines, but the general opinion leans toward kids over the age of 4 to 5 years being stroller-free. The transition is supposed to start at about 3. At this time your child is able to walk confidently and understand your directions.



There exist guidelines for how much exercise your children should be getting every day. Different studies have indicated that spending too much time sitting during a child’s formative years can lead to obesity later in life. Experts consider the length of time a child sits in a stroller comparable to watching TV. That’s why it should be limited. They advise only strapping them in for a maximum of 60 minutes.

  • Children also need to avoid extended periods in the same position

Healthy exercise levels for kids under the age of 5 is suggested as at least 3 hours a day. No, we are not talking about hitting the gym with your toddler. You can choose activities like dancing, swimming, a walk in the park, or even playtime in your backyard. Anything that gets them moving helps!

Happy child playing with her mom at the park

Doing so can help your kid to: 

  • Develop motor skills and they will be able to move more fluently.
  • Improve cognitive development including memory, thinking, and problem-solving abilities. These will lay the foundations for academic achievement. 
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Develop muscles and bones by building strength.
  • Lastly they will learn social skills through interacting with others during play time. 

Therefore, if your child looks confident on their feet and shows no interest in wanting to ride in the stroller, then why keep on using it?


  • Strollers are convenient.

Using a stroller makes everything easier. This is one of the main plus points for the parents. Your busy mom lifestyle might mean time is limited. As a result the stroller helps to get you and your child to places faster than on foot. For sure, we have all faced the cries of “I’m tired” or “My legs ache.” In these scenarios, scooping them up into a stroller gets you mobile again. Besides, not only is it great for your child to enjoy what’s going on from their comfy chair. But it is also a handy place to store all of the baby stuff you can’t leave home without.

  • Strollers provide safety.

Every parent knows how it feels to worry for their child’s safety. At times, having eyes in the back of your head is not enough. Using a stroller could provide more protection. Losing sight of your little one is possibly every parent’s nightmare. The trouble is youngsters are naturally curious. They love to explore their surroundings. So, when buckled up, you know where they are at all times.


Remember that kids develop at different rates. You might have a 4-year-old looking more like a 6-year-old or vice versa. So no one’s to say whether either of them is too old for a stroller? Their physical ability can vary — some may find coping with distance an issue. In other cases, a stroller could be their only option for getting around — those less fortunate who might have a medical condition or a disability. 

Of course, placing your child in the stroller for too long can eat into their precious activity time which is essential for health and development. But this tool is a necessity as it helps you and your kid to enjoy your lives. And yes, there is no need to overuse them. This is an issue in our society and something to be mindful of.  No one knows your child better than you do. So go on and choose that baby stroller that is suitable for you and your family. Then, as your toddler grows more and more and still you feel they need more time in strollers, don’t be pushed into ditching the wheels.

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