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Top strollers for big kids – even up to 5 years


Is your little one growing up faster than his peers and already bigger than your current stroller? Or maybe your child is 4 or 5 years old and still wants to ride in the stroller every now and then? In other cases, your kid may be recovering from surgery or has health problems, and as a result, you may need a stroller for older kids.  No matter the reason, in this article, we will help you choose the right stroller. Below we will present you with a wide variety of features that a stroller must have so that it can be suitable for big kids. Stay tuned as we are sure a lot of parents will find here something that will meet their needs! So let’s find the best strollers for big kids together!

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Comfort and ease of use are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a Big Kid stroller. No one wants to struggle trying to maneuver and fold a bulky heavy stroller. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the child can comfortably fit in the stroller.


Today, umbrella strollers are becoming more and more popular. They are ideal for travel or day trips, mainly because they are very light and easy to carry (which is very important for parents who have older kids (3-6 years old). They  fold compactly so most can fit in the luggage compartment of the airplane.

Besides, being lightweight doesn’t mean it’s sloppy or lacks functionality. Usually, parents believe that umbrella strollers are only suitable for small and light children. That is not true! You can find some great umbrella strollers for older kids, such as Skip. It will provide a comfortable and safe ride which is still important even for older children. You will need SKIP lightweight umbrella stroller as it is convenient for both newborn and older babies (suitable from 3+ months to 5-6 years old, or birth with a compatible infant car seat).

Skip is not your typical umbrella stroller. 

Not only is it fantastic for toddlers, but it’s also a perfect stroller for frequent travels. With 6 1/2 inch wheels, you will be able to conquer whatever terrain gets in your way. Quick, nimble, and folds up in a flash to be stored in the trunk of your car or the tiniest of closets.

Leaving home with a child means that you’ll need to bring a lot of extra stuff: diapers, wipes, extra clothing, drinks, and snacks. Luckily, SKIP comes with a decent amount of storage space in the basket below the stroller and a cup holder as well. It also comes with sunshades that help shield the kid from harmful UV rays. Do not forget that SKIP is effortless to maneuver. So, if you want a toddler stroller for everyday use that’s lightweight, quick & simple to fold, and easy to carry, you might be best to look at SKIP umbrella strollers.

Umbrella stroller for big kids


Umbrella strollers are great because they are easy to lift and carry, but sometimes they don’t offer as many features as full-size ones. Full-size strollers are sturdy, comfortable, and highly functional, especially at long outings.

You might realize that small features might make a big difference, from UV protectant canopies, extra big bassinets, and adjustable handles. You just need to  decide which features are most important to you. Whatever the case, depending on the stroller, we guarantee that your child will be completely comfortable riding through the first 5 years of life! Finding a great stroller can be challenging with so many to choose from, especially if you don’t know what to look for. 

Our favorite full-sized stroller is Metro and we recommend it to every parent.  

Metro stroller is suitable from 3+ months to 50 lbs. (older kids → 3-6/7 years old) or birth with the included universal car seat adapter. Parents will be able to hit the ground rolling with a lightweight aluminum frame that folds compactly for ease of use and storage. The storage space under the seat has plenty of space for shopping, diapers, and more.

Metro Red Stroller for big kids

It is worth noting that sometimes it is important for young toddlers to have eye contact with their parents. Metro comes with removable seat units and can be used rearward-facing, with your child looking towards you, then convert to forward-facing if your child likes so. It also offers a dual-position seat that allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride. Besides, this also allows parents to have the choice to either watch their baby or allow them to enjoy the same view as them while strolling.

If you have a car, you might look for a stroller that can hold your baby’s car seat. The included (no need to buy anything additional) universal car seat adapter allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats. A removable cup holder, leatherette handle, and extra-large basket allow for a comfortable day out!

Full-sized strollers must provide all of the safety features a big kid needs including:

  • Practical brakes which are easy to operate, METRO strollers have brakes that lock two wheels – a special safety feature.
  • A wide base which makes it less likely to tip over.
  • A single footrest. (Small feet can get trapped between separate footrests.)

Mother pushing the stroller where her kid is sitting


Double strollers help the parents to make their walks convenient. Taking the weight of your children off your shoulders, a double stroller is, accordingly, an exceptionally advantageous method for keeping your kids with you at unequaled without depleting yourself excessively.

If you as a parent want to take a walk and bring along your young children, having to carry one and push the other can be stressful on the body.  Not only is it nearly impossible and completely impractical to try and push two single strollers at once (especially if you’re also juggling an overfull diaper bag), but it is also very unsafe for the kids and tiring for the parent. A double stroller allows you to quickly place both of your children into a secured space and head out the door with no fuss. Therefore double strollers are an investment, but also very crucial to getting out when you have two (or more) kids close in age.



Side-by-sides are double strollers that have seats that are positioned next to each other. As the name implied the seats on side-by-side strollers usually have the same amount of space between them. They also have the same amenities as a cup or snack holder, recline, legroom, and weight limit. Side-by-sides are generally easy to fold and easy to turn and maneuver. What most parents love about them is that the configuration makes it easy for their children to interact with each other. Keep in mind that these double strollers are harder—sometimes near impossible—to get through narrow doorways and aisles and tricky to steer through crowded areas.

twin kids sitting in a double stroller suitable for big kids


In-line double strollers (such as Hop) are single-file seats with one seat in front of the other. They are sometimes also called tandem strollers. The two seats can be the same height, but often in-line strollers have what’s termed as “stadium seating” with the back seat raised higher than the front. It helps the kids for better viewing. Tandem strollers fit more easily through narrow doorways and aisles. They also fold more compactly than side-by-sides and may have more configurations.

Take a look at Hop

Hop’s rear seat is suitable from 3+ months to 45 pounds (2-4 years old) while its front seat is suitable from 6+ months to 45 pounds. This double stroller has great features. HOP is a tandem umbrella stroller that really packs a punch. It gives your youngest the comfortable and safe accommodations that they’d have had if they were in a single stroller while at the same time letting your older child ride comfortably when they’re too tired.

Weighing in at only 21.5 pounds it is lightweight, narrow and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for both twins and sibling that are close in age the small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period. So if you have been blessed with twins or have 2 children who are close in age, Hop stroller can help you cope with both your kids simultaneously.

Red double stroller for big kids

Furthermore, if you are looking for a stroller that has plenty of storage space it is also worth noting that Hop double strollers have enough room for  everything. You can place your bags, nappies etc. underneath the seat in the form of a basket plus side, which helps you to put some extra storage in.


Convertible strollers are the ones that can be used as single strollers or converted into a double (or even a triple). This is made possible by adding on a second seat and accessories. Most of the convertible strollers are in-lines, but there are a few side-by-side convertibles on the market. These strollers tend to be more expensive than traditional double strollers.



You can find strollers that offer a ride along board for the older sibling. The board attaches to the back of the stroller base. There are also universal boards that will work with lots of different stroller brands. However, it is very important to make sure your child is up for—and capable of—the challenge.

young mother and her two little boys in a stroller board


You can also try to use a baby carrier for your younger child. While for the older one you can still use a single stroller. Unfortunately, this is not going to work for your twins. Furthermore, this will only work for as long as your second child can fit in a carrier.

young mother holding her newborn at a baby carrier


Start by considering three things: cost, lifestyle and family size. 

As we all know stroller prices vary wildly. For sure the most expensive models do often have plenty of added convenience features such as adjustable handlebars, rain shields, large undercarriages, and even multiple seats. But try to remember that they aren’t always necessary. Strollers are in-lines, but there are a few side-by-side convertibles on the market. These strollers tend to be more expensive than traditional double strollers.

Also, parents need to ask themselves some questions regarding their lifestyle. Ask yourself whether you anticipate heavy near-daily use? Or perhaps you need a stroller simply for occasional outings? Other lifestyle factors to consider would be: Do you need to transport your stroller via the car? Or, will you be lugging it through the city, up subway stairs, and in and out of apartments? 

Answering such questions can help you figure out whether you should consider choosing more basic, lightweight models — or if you can swing a heavier model with all of the bells and whistles.

the parents with their two kids, searching online for buying a big kid stroller

Lastly, it is important to consider your ideal family size too. 

If you are planning to have more than one child, it often makes sense to make a larger investment in a model that can eventually accommodate more children. No matter the fact that you’ll have to be able to stomach the bigger price tag now, it’ll ultimately save you from having to buy more than one stroller.

Keep in mind that the best stroller for your family depends on your personal situation. Try to consider how you’ll use a stroller most often. Also, stick to your budget! These are the simple things we recommend you consider while buying a baby stroller. And please, do not bother to compare your choices with anyone else. You should make your purchase based on what is best for you and your children. Stick to your decision and trust yourself. 

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