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We get it, we get the sleepless nights, the mountains of laundry, the jungle in your house and all the struggles that come with motherhood. If being a mother is a bliss, then getting solution to the related challenges is a boon. 

Whether you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, single mom, or any type of mom, we know you are working hard every day to be there for your family and maybe also keep climbing on your career. There is just so much to do all the time and it seems like the child is always needing something.

We could write all day about the struggles that we are up against as moms in the millennial world, but rather than focus on the challenges and setbacks, we want to focus on living on the fast lane! While keeping in mind that it is not easy to cope with overloaded calendars and endless to-do lists, this is the attitude you should have with your self:

mom in the car talking about being a good mom

Motherhood is a wonderful “job” but it is also fast, full and frequently noisy. 

There’s so much rush, so much to do that moms often miss the opportunity to enjoy the process of their daily life as a mom or a wife.

A huge component of going through the daily activities is the stroller, which is one of the most important things you buy for your kid and yourself. The most difficult part is that you need to pick the most suitable and safe stroller for your baby and your lifestyle, but at this point you are not sure what your lifestyle will be. Wish there was a magic wand to give you all the answers?

Well, we don’t know anything about the wand, but there’s a metro out there that will most likely turn out to be the answer to all your solutions. Yes, a Metro!

We are talking about the METRO stroller, a SAFE stroller that can help you find the calm that’s been eluding you

Metro is the latest addition to our growing Kinderwagon family, which is an assisting asset in terms of the realization of a mother’s daily tasks! (Now on a major discount!) Moms who feel like they are being pulled in a million different directions need to choose the right stroller for their baby. For outdoor errands, you might need a sturdy stroller to maneuver along sidewalks. You might also want a safe stroller for quick trips or for use while traveling. If you plan to run with your baby, you will need it too. 

And we are happy to tell you that METRO safe stroller can help you during all of these activities.

Get ready to hit the ground rolling with a lightweight aluminum frame that folds compactly for ease of use and storage. The storage space under the seat has plenty of space for shopping, diapers and more. 

Furthermore, it is important for young babies to have eye contact with their parents. Removable seat units can be used rearward facing with your child looking towards you then convert to forward facing when your child is older. 

Metro offers a dual position seat which allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensures a smooth ride. Besides, this also allows parents to have the choice to either watch their baby or allow them to enjoy the same view as them while strolling.

Metro Red Stroller ON SALE

If you have a car, you might look for a stroller that can hold your baby’s car seat. The included (no need to buy anything additional) universal car seat adapter allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats. A removable cup holder, leatherette handle and extra-large basket allow for a comfortable day out!

So METRO provides all of the safety features a baby needs, including:

  • Practical brakes which are easy to operate, METRO safe stroller has brakes that lock two wheels – a special safety feature.
  • A wide base which makes it less likely to tip over.
  • A single footrest. (Small feet can get trapped between separate footrests.)

Also here are some tips to help moms prevent stroller accidents:

  • Stay close. It is important to never leave your baby unattended in his or her stroller.
  • Be careful with toys. Make sure that the toys are securely fastened if you hang toys from a stroller bumper bar to entertain your baby.
  • Do not forget to buckle your baby’s harness and seat belt when taking him or her for a stroller ride.
  • We recommend you to always engage your stroller brakes whenever you stop the stroller and try to never park the stroller on a slope.

Girl on stroller looking back at camera

  • It may be dangerous to hang a bag from the stroller’s handlebar because it can make the stroller tip over.
  • Be careful when folding. Keep your baby away from the stroller as you open and fold it, since small fingers can get caught in stroller hinges and make sure the stroller is locked open before you put your child in it.
  • During hot weather try to keep the stroller out of the sun or at least don’t let your baby’s stroller sit in the sun for long periods of time. This can cause plastic and metal pieces to become hot enough to burn your baby. If you leave the stroller in the sun, check the stroller’s surface temperature before placing your baby in the stroller.

We are proud to say that our Kinderwagon Metro baby safe stroller will help mothers to get as much done as possible, while not considering strolling with the kid a hassle. On the contrary, we promise it will become the most pleasurable activity of the day!  

Just look at how happy the kid looks from the picture 😁