A garden shed, used for storing a stroller


Easy and Fast Ways to Store a Stroller – The best guide

I believe everyone agrees on one thing when it comes to kids and storage… There is not enough room for anything! So, are you looking for some ideas to store your stroller? As we all know, most of them may be big and bulky. I have spent a lot of time researching all the best places you can store your stroller to be able to save some much-needed space in your home. In this article you will find unique ways and different storage stroller ideas. 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Gray Baby Stroller

1- Car Trunk

This goes for the parents who do not have enough room in their house. Perhaps, you may live in an apartment so, why not store the stroller in the trunk of your vehicle? Furthermore, you can also get some bungee cords to wrap them around the head and backrest of your stroller. Then you can store it upright saving room in your vehicle too.

Are you wondering whether the stroller will fit in or not? Don’t worry! Most of the strollers are designed to fit inside the trunk of even the smallest cars. So, if your car has a particularly tiny trunk, there are some compact stroller options that might fit more easily.

Take a look at Vie baby stroller for example. It fits well in small car trunks,  and it is very easy to get on things like public transportation because it’s so lightweight. 

Red double stroller for big kids

2- You can hang the stroller on the door.

For this one, you might need to purchase some large durable door hooks. Then you can hang your stroller from your door, to be able to save floor space. Usually, most of the door hooks are capable of holding strollers that weigh up to 40 pounds. You are transforming the unused space on the back of your door into a hanging spot for your stroller. This would be a great idea for the utility room, garage, or basement doors. Anyways, you need to keep in mind that over time your door will become scratched and dirty!

3- Storage sheds for bikes might help.

Did you know that a bike tent can be great for storing away your baby stroller? This is the best option especially for the parents who don’t want the stroller in the house. Just be careful if the tent breaks or leaks. This might damage your stroller. Therefore you may need to go for waterproof and strong bike tents. Also, another important thing to consider is related to the fact that thieves would find it easy to get into. Try to place the tent in the most secure area of your garden. On the other hand, if you don’t like the idea of using tents, a bike shed might help. A strong mental storage unit / shed can keep your stroller safe from both harsh weather and thieves. All you have to do is open the door and wheel your stroller out, saving much-needed space in the house.

4- Garden Shed

Aside from housing your plants, it would be a great idea to store your stroller inside a garden shed. We recommend to cover the stroller with a complete protective gear. This is very important as you need to avoid getting mold and insects from touching any of the stroller’s surface. Many people store their stroller in their garden shed. It is a convenient way to keep it hidden and out of the house.

You can also use the carport to store the strollers. Anyways, your stroller might be subject to the seasonal weather conditions. It might be a nice option to leave out for the day. Consider getting a bike lock for safety.

5- Under the stairs

Maybe, there is not a huge amount of space under your stairs, but there is, for sure, plenty of room for your stroller. You might find this extremely handy. It is downstairs near the front and back door where you can quickly get out and on your walks.

6- Use a basket stroller

If you are one of those parents who is really struggling for space, then you should consider buying a stroller with a bassinet. In this way you get the best of both worlds and you can keep it in your kid’s bedroom. Use it as a bed at night, and as a stroller in the day.                Furthermore, a bassinet stroller allows your baby to relax and sleep in a position that permits optimal motor development and safe sleep. Also different studies suggest that putting a baby to sleep on their back reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) and is the only position a baby should be put down for naps or sleep.

Mother with her baby pushing a stroller

7- You can place the stroller in the garage.

As we all know, one can never have enough storage space in their home. Garages offer ample space to store off-season items, bulky equipment or other pieces that create clutter in your home. Try to make use of vertical space to maximize your garage’s storage potential — shelves, cabinets and storage systems. They can all be found at local hardware stores.

It is the perfect place to store your stroller too. To save even more space on your garage, we recommend you to buy some hooks and hang your stroller on the wall. But you can also keep it at the right or left corner of the garage. 

Strollers hanging in a garage.

8- Consider storing the stroller in the basement as well.

Strollers might be a huge eyesore for some people, even when folded. For this reason having the stroller stored in the basement is the most preferred option for a lot of parents. Out of sight, out of mind. Keeping the stroller in the basement keeps your house nice and tidy. Nevertheless, it means carrying up and down the stairs then through the house every day. We mostly  recommend this option when you have guests around.

9- Buy a foldable stroller

Storing a stroller is a common problem of parents. We recommend using a lightweight stroller for your toddler as it can help save space. You don’t need to stress yourself in fitting the stroller inside your car’s trunk. Since these strollers are portable and more compact, they can be easily folded when not in use. In addition, it is more practical to use a lightweight stroller when traveling by plane, with its built-in spring action folding you can easily fold the stroller and store it in the overhead compartment of the airplane. Just pop the stroller’s car seat off and pop it back on and you are good to go.

Whether you are an urban dweller, air traveler, going shopping or running day to day errands, a lightweight foldable stroller can easily adapt regardless of your pace and lifestyle. It makes life easier for you and your baby.A lightweight stroller’s form and function is outstanding. You get the finest quality without spending thousands of dollars. 

Our recommendation for you is Skip baby stroller. 

It makes travel and storage easy, while high-function stroller systems boast helpful features like extra storage and snap -on bassinets or car seats.

Umbrella stroller for big kids

10- Use the child’s room

It is true that no one wants a stroller sat in the middle of the front room or kitchen. Why not keep all the baby gear together in their room? If your kid’s room is big enough,  this might be an option for consideration. What’s more, if you have a spacious living room than you can store a lot of things in it. You might like to store your furniture, fixtures and even some of your go-to baby gear such as the stroller. Place it in the corner of a living room or anywhere that wouldn’t catch too much attention.

11- Garden Conservatory

A garden conservatory will offer more protection against rain and sunlight for your baby stroller. But it is very important to cover the stroller with a protective gear to protect it from mold and insects. If it has a direct access to the garden, the conservatory could be a great place to store your stroller. This will help you save space and time at the same time.    Anyways, you might want to think twice about extreme weather conditions in summer (very hot) and winter (very cold). 

Furthermore, you can start using your greenhouse not only as a garden, but it can house other small to medium items. If your greenhouse is not full already then it might be a good place to store your stroller, allowing you more floor space in your house. Strollers are just one of these many items that you can put inside the shelter. 

But, it is important to keep in mind that spiders might like to make your kid’s stroller their home along with other insects.

glass garden conservatory

12- Place the stroller in the wardrobe

If you have a lightweight stroller which is easily foldable then you might like to store it in your wardrobe or downstairs storage cabinets. The wardrobe room is a perfect choice as it provides easy access to the tool. We would recommend keeping it at the front where it’s easily accessible.

13- Hallway

If you live in an apartment and you know you can trust your neighbors then you could leave your stroller in the hallway outside your door. Consider getting a bike lock to keep it secure.

14- Keep the stroller in the garden

Our final option is to buy a large stroller rain cover for outside and store your stroller in the garden. Make sure to get a large cover that goes over the whole stroller to keep it completely dry. We do not recommend this option as a long term storage solution for your stroller. 

Things you need to consider while you are planning on storing a stroller

As mentioned before a stroller is a necessary for every parent. Therefore you need to preserve it smartly. Otherwise, you might face some daily problems that might create panic among your family. So in this regard, you should have to consider some rudimentary facts that will help to store the stroller properly.

mother walking at the parking with her baby in a black stroller

  • Security

Babies need extra attention. The tools we use to carry them need their own attention too. The stroller for example has to be cleaned perfectly. That’s why it is very important for you to be ensured that no germ or dust can affect your little one. Another important thing about the stroller is that it needs to be placed in a way so that no one can damage it. It is an indispensable task for us. 

  • Access

You must place the stroller in a way that it can be easily accessible. At the same time you need to keep in mind that no one can harm this tool.  Sometimes people love to create an additional storeroom in the garage for storing the stroller. That would be a smart idea. Anyways, you can easily place it in a corner of your garage, home, or office. It needs to be placed in a way so that you do not have to spend a lot of time receiving it.

  • Location and longevity

When we plan to store the strollers for a longer time then the term location will predominantly come to our mind. Do you think your chosen storage solution is going to last? It might be best to get the best solution rather than the cheapest. Think carefully about where you will store your stroller especially outside or in a shed. Black mold can be threatening and it might attack the strollers if there is no presence of light and wind.

That was our best stroller storage solution list. It will provide you with more space in your home and hopefully with more effective ways to store your stroller too.  We know there are so many different ways to store your stroller. But it all depends on your circumstances and preference. Consider this quick following reminder before you go: 

  • The size of your home
  • Your budget
  • Weather conditions
  • Security
  • How accessible you need your stroller
  • Are there any other alternatives or hacks

We hope you have found this guide a useful resource!