A free stroller guide that has all the answers for new parents

Want To Buy The Perfect Stroller, But You Feel Overwhelmed By All The Options Out There?

This Free stroller guide has all the answers for new parents

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Stroller E-GUIDE

Choosing the right stroller for your baby can be a tough decision. You want your baby to be safe, comfortable and enjoy the rides, all while having an easy and fun time walking with a stroller. Strollers are a MUST-HAVE for every mom, but choosing the right one among all the overwhelming options being advertised by different companies can make you doubt every product in the market.

Well, let’s set things straight! We are here to help make your stroller shopping experience much easier, so you can make an informed choice and purchase the stroller that works best for you and your baby. That’s why we put together this free stroller guide, which answers all the questions you may have when looking for a baby stroller.

Let’s start by putting forth some of the questions that moms have been asking all over the internet

Let’s start by putting forth some of the questions that moms have been asking all over the internet.

  • What stroller should I buy?
  • Do I need a stroller for my infant?
  • What stroller is suitable for my baby?
  • Can the baby sleep comfortably in this stroller?
  • Can I take the stroller with me everywhere I go?
  • What complimentary accessories do I need for my stroller?
  • Are the wheels strong and adapt to every terrain?
  • Is the stroller car seat compatible?
  • Do I need a single stroller or a double stroller?
  • Where to find a double umbrella stroller?
  • Which is the best low-budget stroller?

These are just some of the many questions moms just like you have been asking on the internet. And luckily, we have all the answers, and of course, the right stroller recommendations for every occasion.


As we all know stroller prices vary wildly. For sure the most expensive models do often have plenty of added convenience features such as adjustable handlebars, rain shields, large undercarriages, and even multiple seats. But try to remember that they aren’t always necessary. You need to ask yourself some questions regarding your lifestyle. Ask yourself whether you anticipate heavy near-daily use?

Or perhaps you need a stroller simply for occasional outings? Other lifestyle factors to consider would be: Do you need to transport your stroller via car? Or, will you be lugging it through the city, up subway stairs, in and out of apartments?

Answering such questions can help you figure out whether you should consider choosing a more basic, lightweight model or if you can swing a heavier model with all of the bells and whistles.

Family Size Matters More Than You Think

If you are pregnant and you are not familiar with strollers at all maybe you can start with a stroller that has a bassinet, dual-position seat, and your baby’s head is comforted smoothly. If you are pregnant and already have a kid, there are a lot of great options for siblings close in age. And If you are expecting twins make sure to consider a double umbrella tandem stroller. Strollers are an essential part of any family raising a baby, and even though it can be challenging to find one that fits your needs, these selections will put your mind at ease.

a drawing of two parents hugging each other while pushing a stroller, used as an illustration in a free stroller guide

What Options To Consider For Single Strollers?

Single strollers are perfect for parents with one child, and parents on the go who want quality protection and parent-friendly functions from their stroller. Strollers not only make life easier for parents, but they also provide a lot of comfort and security for little ones. Umbrella strollers and standard single strollers are the two more popular types of single strollers, although other variants exist like full-sized strollers, lightweight strollers, jogging strollers, car seat carriers, and travel systems. It’s worth noting that although many strollers do fit squarely into the above categories, there are plenty that don’t.

Also, some strollers can have characteristics of more than one type. Keep in mind that the best stroller for your family depends on your personal situation. Try to consider how you’ll use the stroller in everyday life. Also, stick to your budget! These are simple things we recommend you consider while buying a baby stroller. And please, do not bother to compare your choices with those of other people. They don’t have the same life as you. You should make your purchase based on what is best for you and your children. Stick to your decision and trust yourself.

What Is A Double Umbrella Tandem Stroller?

A double umbrella tandem stroller seats two children conveniently close to each other. Double strollers are a must for parents with two little ones and we totally recommend them. Whether it’s to safely accommodate twins or an infant and toddler, these strollers remove the challenge of pushing one child in a stroller while trying to help the other child walk. These strollers fold up and expand like umbrellas, which makes them easier to fit into your vehicle than traditional double strollers. It takes less space when you are walking and it’s easier to manage than side-by-side strollers.

If you are planning to have more than one child, it often makes sense to make a larger investment in a model that can eventually accommodate more children. No matter the fact that you’ll have to stomach the bigger price tag now, it’ll ultimately save you from having to buy more than one stroller. Still, you may be able to find a double stroller that costs less than most single strollers out there, and we’ll show you where.

How To Choose A Stroller Based On Your Lifestyle

Knowing your lifestyle and daily activities is key when choosing a stroller. Do you have a busy life? Do you live in the city and rely on your stroller to get your baby everywhere? Or do you just need a stroller to keep in the trunk of your car in case you need to run into a store with the baby or have a special outing planned? Will you travel and take the stroller with you? Will you go out jogging often? Answering these
questions are essential before deciding on which stroller to buy.


If you live in a big city, we would recommend a full-size stroller, as it has many features that you’ll need. Probably you will be shopping a lot and you need a big basket space If you are using the car, it should be car seat compatible. Also, it should be easy to maneuver, as shopping with kids can be annoying sometimes, especially because it is hard to manage a stroller and it doesn’t help to have one that doesn’t fit through the aisles.

Here, we suggest a four-wheeled, all-in-one convertible stroller. Parents can use it for babies from birth up to 50 pounds, depending on the recline level. They offer ample storage space and accessories to accommodate your growing child but may be a bit bulky. A full-sized stroller covers all the basics and offers nifty bells and whistles that usually include: a wide, comfortable, well-padded seat; a deep seat recline; expandable canopies; sturdy tires; a roomy basket, and telescoping handlebars.


We all love to travel, and who said that traveling with kids is impossible? With the right lightweight UMBRELLA stroller, you can get on and off the plane with no struggle. A stroller that can be folded in a snap and that doesn’t take too much space is such a big help in this case.

Here, you need the kind of stroller that accommodates an infant car seat and converts into a typical single stroller as your child grows. They are just as convenient as car seat carriers. Anyway, travel system strollers offer more versatility, with a full-size stroller that includes a detachable car seat. It’s up to you to choose if you want a standard size with extra storage, a lightweight stroller, or a jogging stroller travel system.

Travel systems are a complete set of accessories required to carry a baby while traveling. The baby travel system makes it handy for the parents while carrying their sleeping baby from home to other places or carrying him from the car inside the house. The infant car seat comes with a frame that allows parents to use it as an infant carrier. Therefore, they can easily take their baby in the car without removing the baby from the carrier. When they reach their destination, they can snap the same infant car seat to the travel system stroller without removing the baby from the car seat.

Benefits Of Travel System Strollers

1- Your baby can be moved very easily from the pushchair or the house to the car and vice-a-versa, without waking him/her up.
2- Purchasing a travel system involves one purchase decision. But parents get everything— the carrycot, pushchair, and the car seat at once.
3- The carrycot can serve multiple functions because it can easily be used as a bassinet or a Moses basket.
4- Even though a travel system may seem expensive, that’s not true. Buying it is more economical because travel systems are multi-functional. Buying a pushchair, stroller, car seat, etc. can be more expensive.

Benefits Of Umbrella Strollers

1- Umbrella strollers are smaller and more lightweight than regular strollers. Storing and transporting them is much easier and more comfortable.
2- While this type of stroller can be folded into a small size, you can easily carry it in your car while going for a long trip. Or, why not, carry it with you if you are away from home.
3- They are much more affordable than a regular stroller. So, if you are running on a tight budget and still want to buy a stroller for your child, you can go for an umbrella stroller.


For those parents that enjoy long walks at the park, camping, jogging, or hiking we would recommend a jogging stroller because is the perfect solution to walk through rocks, grass, and every kind of difficult terrain. Be careful because no jogging is recommended until the baby is at least 6 months of age.

Benefits Of A Jogging Stroller

1- You can run with a stroller and still train for a race even if you aren’t hitting the mileage or speed your training plan calls for. The key to this is all about thinking time over distance and heart rate over pace.
2- The biggest benefit of all running with a stroller is that it gives you quality time with your kids. Maybe your babies may want to get out early or bicker with one another. What you’re doing here is that you’re showing them something you love and instilling healthy habits in them. Furthermore, if you make it fun while taking them to the park, they’ll think of those stroller runs fondly and be begging to go with you next time.
3- It’s true that while using a jogging stroller, you can run slower than your usual pace. But researchers have found that no matter what, they still help you burn the same number of calories as if you were running faster without the stroller. That’s because of the extra exertion. You’re working harder even though you are running slower.

red umbrella stroller drowing used as an illustration in a free stroller guide
And Does It Always Reflect The Quality?

Does Price Matter?

Prices may vary from budget to luxury depending on the stroller but the products that we chose for this selection are easily affordable for every parent. A basic lightweight umbrella stroller makes travel (and storage) easy, while high-function stroller systems have helpful features like extra storage and snap-on bassinets or car seats.

For some, a basic model for occasional use is perfectly suitable. For others, the splurge on a more advanced model is well worth it — even if it feels like a big investment. If you frequently take your baby out and about or plan to have multiple kids, your stroller will likely get miles and years of use. The average cost of a stroller ranges from $100 to $1,000. There are also options that cost around $2,500 to $5,400. A lot of products on the market are not worth the price based on the features and the quality they offer. You should be careful to choose wisely.

The Age Of Your Baby Determines
Which Stroller You Need

Choosing a stroller depending on the age is very important because from newborn to toddler your kid has different needs. A newborn needs a bassinet stroller that supports the head better face the mother and can sleep peacefully during movement. But a 2-3-year-old kid needs a different type of stroller. 

These are the types of strollers according to age:



If you plan to use a stroller for your newborn, make sure that the stroller reclines. Must be so due to the fact that young babies can’t sit up or hold up their heads. The strollers which are able to fully recline or can be used with a bassinet attachment or a car seat are appropriate for newborns. This is called a pram or carriage stroller. It is lightweight and characterizes an entirely tilted-back seat that lets the child lie down. It is ideal for long-distance strolls with your newborn. Also, it has the most stylish look of all types of strollers.



If you use a stroller that accommodates an infant car seat, you won’t have to wake the baby up every time you take him/her in and out of the car. But, if you’re a city mom, or you just don’t drive much, instead of a travel system, get an infant stroller with a bassinet attachment. It will allow you to lay your little one down and go. No attachments, adaptors, or snaps (to finagle with) are needed. For sure, this is something you’ll appreciate in the early sleep-deprived, new-mom days. The bassinet can also double as a mini crib.

As mentioned before, you need to look for a sturdy, structured infant stroller as your main concern is keeping the baby stable, supported, and comfortable. It must have a good suspension system that can absorb bounces and prevent jostling. Furthermore, try to keep in mind that most jogging strollers aren’t designed to recline. As a result, they aren’t appropriate for babies until about 6 months of age.



It feels like buying a new baby stroller isn’t all that different from buying a new car. We recommend all parents ask themselves some of the same questions:

  • How good is the suspension?
  • What kind of terrain can the stroller handle?
  • How does it deal with turns?
  • And what kind of storage does it have?

Now the baby is able to sit upright. At this point, your stroller’s seat is more important than ever. It has to be roomy, with plenty of support and cushioning, adjustable and it must offer multiple recline positions to keep up with your growing little one. It is very important to make sure it comes with a five-point harness. This will keep your child snug and secure while you’re strolling. 

One often-overlooked feature that will come in handy now: is a seat that can face forward or backward. It is important for young babies to have eye contact with their parents. It must offer a dual-position seat that allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride. Besides, this also allows parents to have the choice to either watch their baby or allow them to enjoy the same view as them while strolling.

Now that the baby has good head and neck control, you might start thinking of buying a specialty stroller to complement your original one. The best stroller for your baby will depend on your family’s needs. To figure out which kind is right for you, think about your lifestyle.



The child is becoming more independent and curious. He/She wants to soak in the world around. Now your child is constantly hopping out of the stroller and you’ll likely wind up carrying it. It is very important to go for a lightweight model with a quick and easy fold (such as Skip). Also, the stroller should still have a five-point harness to keep your wiggly explorer secure. Its wheels must be easy to navigate. When your toddler is walking next to you holding your hand, you’ll need to steer the stroller with the other hand. It’s not easy to do with every stroller. It’s important for a parent with kids this age to have a stroller easy to maneuver.

Too Old For Strollers?

This question has been a subject of debate for many years and will likely continue to be so. Even though the stroller can be a lifesaver for parents, there comes a point when your child has to stand on their own two feet — and get walking. There are no set guidelines, but the general opinion leans toward kids over the age of 4 to 5 years being stroller-free. The transition is supposed to start at about 3. At this
time your child is able to walk confidently and understand your directions.


There exist guidelines for how much exercise your children should be getting every day. Different studies have indicated that spending too much time sitting during a child’s formative years can lead to obesity later in life. Experts consider the length of time a child sits in a stroller comparable to watching TV. That’s why it should be limited. They advise only strapping them in for a maximum of 60 minutes


Healthy exercise levels for kids under the age of 5 are suggested for at least 3 hours a day. No, we are not talking about hitting the gym with your toddler. You can choose activities like dancing, swimming, a walk in the park, or even playtime in your backyard. Anything that gets them moving helps!

Doing so can help your kid to:

  • Develop motor skills and they will be able to move more fluently.
  • Improve cognitive development including memory, thinking, and problem-solving abilities. These will lay the foundations for academic achievement.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Develop muscles and bones by building strength.
  • Lastly, they will learn social skills through interacting with others during playtime.

Therefore, if your child looks confident on their feet and shows no interest in wanting to ride in the stroller, then why keep on using it?

How Stroler Companies Are Fooling Parents

Have you ever bought a stroller only to find out that most of the accessories were add-ons and had an additional price tag on them? Or maybe you had a car seat initially and bought a stroller that claimed to be compatible with a car seat, only to find out later that the only car seat it was compatible with was the one the company was selling. These and many other sneaky selling tactics are what stroller companies are using to fool you into buying their products.

Below you can find a list of all the dirty tricks stroller companies is using to fool you into buying their products:

  • Missing or incompatible accessories: Many stroller companies are offering strollers that have no cupholder, storage space, sun canopy, and/or rain cover. Sometimes these strollers are not even compatible with accessories from other companies, which may mean they cannot take a car seat, a cupholder, sun canopy, and/or rain cover. Advice: Check every stroller feature and ask the companies to provide an instruction manual before purchasing a stroller, to make sure they have all the crucial accessories you need.
  • Hidden add-ons: A lot of stroller companies put a low-price tag on their strollers to lure you into buying them, only to reveal later (after the purchase has been made), that you need to buy additional accessories such as a cupholder, sun canopy, rain cover and/or a car seat. After adding together all the price tags, the total becomes much higher than it would have been if you bought a stroller with all accessories included. Advice: Check attentively what comes with the stroller and read between the lines to avoid getting tricked by misleading copywriters.
  • False warranties: You may always see a warranty claim on stroller company websites, but how often do these companies stay true to their warranties? Do they accept returns, refunds, and/or replace a product if the wheel or some other part breaks within the first couple of weeks? The truth is, very few companies do. Most companies won’t hold any responsibility after they’ve made a sale, and they won’t refund or replace faulty strollers. Advice: Carefully check the warranty, terms, and conditions, and the reviews these companies have on different sales channels, such as Amazon or BuyBuyBaby.

Stroller Features You Must Not Overlook

Wheels and suspension

Don’t forget that you are buying a stroller to push, so check those wheels and suspension. Keep in mind, that larger, air-filled tires typically give a much smoother ride than smaller plastic wheels.


We must note that a solid handle makes it easier to push one-handed and also handle length matters.

Reversible seats

Not every stroller has the option to switch up seating configurations as the child grows or your family expands. As mentioned before, we are a big fan of reversible seats because it’s nice to have the option of your child facing you or facing out.


If you like to wear sandals then we must recommend you look for “flip-flop-friendly” brakes. If it hurts your feet to engage them, you’re less inclined to use them and brakes are there for a reason. Also, check the brakes if the mechanisms are easy to use and the handles are comfortable. Do your legs or feet hit the wheels as you walk?

Stroller weight

Stroller weight is very important too. When considering how heavy a stroller is, remind yourself to consider who will be behind it. Will grandma and grandpa help you with the baby? Are they able to lift the stroller?

Sun canopy

Make sure to open and close the canopy in the store. Try to pay attention to any loud noises that might startle a snoozing wee one. Also, keep in mind that a bigger canopy provides more shade and privacy for your little one. A lot of canopies, especially larger ones, have peekaboo windows for you to check on your child without breaking stride. Some also come with a magnet closure so it’s nice and quiet.

Washable fabric

As we already know babies are very messy. Therefore, the stroller seat will take a beating from spit-up, drool, drippy bottles, and snack accidents. So, it’s great if you can remove the seat cover to throw it in the washer.

Stroller basket

Usually, a typical stroller basket, located under the seat, is certified to hold 10 pounds. If you are planning on doing a lot of shopping with your stroller, we recommend you look for a stroller with an XL basket. Remember that accessibility is important too. You have to carry a lot, so take some time to test the ease of putting things in and taking things out of the basket. You might want a basket that has a wide opening to access your items otherwise you’re going to be frustrated trying to wiggle things in and out.

Check for a stroller’s storage options

If you love a particular stroller option but find it doesn’t have enough storage, check to see if the manufacturer sells extra cup holders or storage pockets that can be purchased separately. For safety reasons, only use accessories that have been designed and approved by the manufacturer. Do they have other accessories like Cupholders or canopy and sunshades?

We understand how hard it can be to pick just one stroller because of the features factored into finding the best unit for your family. We recommend you start with combining two or three features that are must-haves and compare the best of each. And then pick the one that fits the family.

Take a test drive

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping online or at a store, make sure to take measurements. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Check the frame. It should feel light or easy to manage but not flimsy.
  • Adjust the backrest. Is it easy to use? Can u fasten and unfasten easily?
  • Lift and carry the stroller, both when open and when folded.
  • Check maneuverability by adding weight, such as the stuff you have with yourself just to try, put them to the stroller seat, then push.
  • Open the stroller, with one hand and then both. Try if you can fold and unfold easily.
  • Consider your car space. Some retailers might let you carry the stroller out to your car to ensure that it fits in your trunk when folded. If you are not able to do that then you can measure it.
  • Check the stitching. Strollers take a lot of wear and tear. Make sure the seams are strong, especially on the corners of the seat.
  • Evaluate warranty and return policies. Also, if they guarantee anything in case the product breaks or has a problem.
  • Check certification. All strollers sold in the U.S. must comply with the mandatory federal safety standard, but for added reassurance, look for a JPMA Certified sticker. It means that the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association has certified that the stroller meets mandatory requirements plus the JPMA’s additional requirements. This independent organization tests products to be sure they meet national and international safety standards.
  • Check your child’s footrest reach. Check to see how far this footrest can go. Some may stretch far enough for your child’s feet to stop the wheels.

Stroller Comparison Table

stroller comparison table used in a free stroller guide

A Stroller For Every Occasion

Red double stroller for big kids that is not banned in disney parks

HOP Double Umbrella Stroller

If you’re a busy mom with two strolling kids and you don’t have any time to waste juggling too many things at the same time, then HOP is what you need. Hop’s rear seat is suitable from 3+ months to 45 pounds (2-4 years old) while its front seat is suitable from 6+ months to 45 pounds.

HOP is a tandem umbrella stroller that really packs a punch. It gives your youngest the comfortable and safe accommodations that they’d have had if they were in a single stroller while at the same time letting your older child ride comfortably when they’re too tired. Weighing in at only 21.5 pounds it is lightweight, narrow and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for both twins and sibling that are close in age the small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period. So, if you have been blessed with twins or have 2 children who are close in age, Hop stroller can help you cope with both your kids simultaneously.


Furthermore, if you are looking for a stroller that has plenty of storage space it is also worth noting that Hop double strollers have enough room for everything. You can place your bags, nappies, etc. underneath the seat in the form of a basket plus on the side, where you can put some extra storage in.

Jump red baby stroller suitable for plane travel

JUMP Umbrella Stroller

This stroller is the perfect option for families on the go with siblings close in age! A rear
platform seat allows a child 2.5+ years old to easily “jump” on and off.

The comfy front seat is suitable from 3+ months or birth with a compatible infant car seat (front seat), built in adaptor straps, no need to purchase additional accessories.

By the way, did we mention that it’s the same size as a single umbrella stroller, weighting at only 18 lbs.


Metro Red Stroller for babies

METRO Stroller

Metro is a single stroller, perfect for families who live in the city and are ready to hit the ground with this stroller, rolling with a lightweight aluminum frame that folds compactly for ease of use and storage. A dual position seat allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride. Suitable from 3+ months or birth to 50 lbs. with the included universal car seat adapter. The included (no need to buy anything additional) universal car seat adapter allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats. A removable cup holder, leatherette handle and extra-large basket allow for a comfortable day out


Umbrella stroller for big kids

SKIP Stroller

“Skip” is not your typical umbrella stroller. With 6 1/2-inch wheels you will be able to conquer
whatever terrain gets in your way. Quick, nimble and folds up in a flash to be stored in the trunk of
your car or the tiniest of closets. Suitable from 3+ months, or birth with a compatible infant car seat.
Let’s put it this way, weighting at only 14 lbs., Skip will take you places!


Red Convertible stroller

VIE Stroller

“VIE” baby stroller is the lightest of them all, weighting at only 8.8 lbs. Quick, nimble, and
easily collapsible, Vie is the stroller that goes everywhere and you can stash anywhere!

Keep one in the car for quick outings. And believe us, this is the one you want to travel with. It is also an easy summer stroller you can take with you in every vacation. A lot of options to choose from this stroller as it comes in different colors. Don’t hesitate to check out this cute stroller.


Keep your baby safe and sound

Lastly, look at these tips to ensure your baby will ride safely in a stroller or carrier:

  • First and foremost, remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Try to resist the urge to overload your stroller with other stuff. It might be very dangerous to hang a bag from the stroller’s handlebar because it can make the stroller tip over.
  • Never allow a little sibling to push.
  • Make sure that travel systems with carriers are properly locked in. Also, do not forget to buckle your baby’s harness and seat belt when taking him or her for a stroller ride.
  • Be careful with toys. Make sure that the toys are securely fastened if you hang toys from a stroller bumper bar to entertain your baby. They might hurt your little one if they fall.
  • Be very careful when folding. Keep your baby away from the stroller as you open and fold it since small fingers can get caught in the stroller. Make sure the stroller is locked open before you put your child in it.
  • Make sure that the stroller you use for your child is appropriate for his or her size and weight.

Keep your baby safe and sound

Stay close

It is important to never leave your baby unattended in his or her stroller. 

Buckle your baby’s harness

Do not forget to buckle your baby’s harness and seat belt when taking him or her for a stroller ride.

Always engage your stroller brakes

We recommend you always engage your stroller brakes whenever you stop the stroller and try to never park the stroller on a slope. We also recommend never walking away from your baby while he or she is in the stroller. Try to understand that this is another opportunity for the baby to tip over.

Don’t hang anything from the stroller’s handlebar

It may be dangerous to hang a bag from the stroller’s handlebar because it can make the stroller tip over.

Keep the stroller out of the sun

During hot weather try to keep the stroller out of the sun or at least don’t let your baby’s stroller sit in the sun for long periods of time. This can cause plastic and metal pieces to become hot enough to burn your baby. If you leave the stroller in the sun, check the stroller’s surface temperature before placing your baby in the stroller.

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How to pick a double stroller?

Here’s what you need to know

How to pick a double stroller?

Are you scratching your head wondering: “How do I pick a double stroller that’s perfect for my family”? You are not the first one. Sometimes, choosing a double stroller can be confusing. The good news is that we’re here to help make it simple. Stay tuned while we talk about the specific needs of purchasing a stroller for twins in an upcoming piece. We are going to address the needs of parents expecting another baby while an older sibling is still of strolling age. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Let’s talk a little about the differentiating features between a single and a double stroller

First, as the name suggests, a double stroller is a stroller created for two kids. Double strollers usually have the same wheel structure as a single stroller but two seats. The seats can either be placed one behind another or side-by-side. Some of these strollers are convertible, and the most prominent models are four-wheelers. There are also models with three or even eight wheels (such as Hop). Most of them will come with two separate canopies. Few models might have one large shared canopy and we don’t really like these. What’s more, the structure of a double stroller is reinforced to have a much better weight capacity than a single stroller. Most models can hold up to 100 pounds.

mother pushing her twins in kinderwagon hop tandem double stroller

Why do you need a double stroller?

A double stroller is an absolute necessity. Some parents who got two kids close together try to save money, using only one stroller. At times, this is doable. For example, when going walking with your partner. In this case, one will be able to take care of the older child while the other will push the stroller. But what if you are alone with two kids? What about jogging with a stroller? How about running errands with two kids? For sure, there will be situations like this. Therefore if you really want to save, we recommend you to better sell your old stroller, add some money, and buy a double. Trust us; it pays off.

Types of double strollers:

By design and purpose, we can divide double strollers into seven additional categories. Let’s unfold each of these categories together.

All-terrain double strollers

All-terrain strollers are often mixed with jogging strollers. These double side-by-side models usually come with three wheels and massive air-filled tires. The tires help to make the ride smoother and more comfortable for your babies, and they’re incredibly convenient for maneuvering. As the name suggests, their key attribute is that you are able to push them on a variety of terrains, specifically because of the wheels. These double strollers are equipped with 5-point harnesses, calf supports, and two independent canopies. Remember, do not use one for children under six months unless it is compatible with infant car seat brands. Make sure you install the seat correctly.

Are you looking for a compact, lighter double stroller?

In this case, you might want to skip this type. They are definitely on the heavier side. All-terrain strollers weigh somewhere between 30-and 45 lbs. Also, it won’t be easy at all to cram one into your trunk. Their price range goes between approximately $135 and $500. Anyways there are some luxurious models that might go up to $800 or even more than $1000. These strollers are good for adventurists and active parents!

two babys in a red tendem umbrellla stroller

Don’t mix all-terrain strollers with jogging strollers

Jogging strollers come with a specific suspension system and a handbrake to facilitate steering. On the other hand, all-terrain strollers do not necessarily have it. Also, jogging strollers have a fixed front wheel. All-terrain strollers typically have front swivel wheels.

Double jogging stroller

The double jogging stroller is the best stroller for athletic parents who can’t give up on running. Their attribute is maneuverability. Usually, jogging strollers are built for convenient steering, easy stopping, and comfortable rides. They have massive tires too (three or four of them) but these tires are not always pneumatic ones. Often they come with solid rubber tires and, in rare cases with plastic ones. What’s specific about them is the all-wheel suspension system, and if they have a front swivel wheel, it always has a locking option.

More attributes of the double jogging stroller

Double jogging strollers include both a handbrake and a parking brake, as well as a large storage basket. The seats are equipped with five-point safety harnesses. However, you cannot use them for kids under six months unless they are infant seat compatible. We must also note that this model is not exactly a lightweight double stroller. They weigh more or less as much as all-terrain doubles (30-40 lbs), but they do have a compact fold. Their price goes between $200 and $750.

Double umbrella stroller

Umbrella strollers are foldable to a slim vertical shape, umbrella-like. Therefore these strollers are perfect for traveling, carpooling, shopping, and every other situation when you need a compact, expandable stroller. It’s unbelievable how lightweight they are. Double umbrella strollers can weigh somewhere around 20 pounds. Usually, they have a capacity of 75 pounds or so. As mentioned before, we wouldn’t recommend this stroller for parents with infants if it’s not compatible with car seats.

Our favorite double umbrella stroller right now is Hop

HOP double stroller is our tandem umbrella stroller. It will help parents to make exercise, errands, and daily life easier. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow, and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for both twins and siblings that are close in age the small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period.

What’s more

Unlike most umbrella strollers, Hop has full-size canopies, cupholders, and a lot of storage space. So if you have been blessed with twins or have 2 children who are close in age, this stroller can easily help you cope with both your kids simultaneously. With an HOP stroller it is simple to carry your babies anywhere you go. For a more drawn-out outing, owning a travel system, a double stroller, and an infant car seat combined into one, will likewise be an extraordinary resource. HOP is very lightweight and perfect for traveling parents, whether by car or flight. Also, its storage space is not limited either. It will make a good and effective investment for your family.

Does this sound like a double stroller you might need? For more details 👉🏻 Click here!

tandem double umbrella stroller

Travel double stroller

Travel double strollers are almost the same as umbrella ones. They’re lightweight, compact, and able to fold to a small size. The big difference between these two is that the travel stroller is more heavy-duty. Usually, they are more expensive than an umbrella double stroller. However, they also have better structural integrity and overall quality. Travel double strollers have full-size canopies, cupholders, and many storage pockets. These models are not that budget-friendly as they go between $100 and $700. As a result, we wouldn’t recommend them if you are looking for a part-time solution for their short trip. Lastly, they weigh around 20 pounds, while their weight capacity is usually 35 pounds per seat.

Tandem Double Stroller

Tandem double strollers, also called in-line strollers (such as Hop) come with seats placed one behind another. They are much loved for they are no wider than a standard single stroller. It is worth noting that a tandem stroller allows numerous configurations, face-to-face, front-to-back, two-level configuration, bassinet and toddler seat, etc. However, the most attractive feature of this category is that there are single-to-double convertibles.

Sit and stand double stroller

This type is a hybrid of tandem strollers, specially built for families with two children who are not that close in age. The front seat is usually car seat compatible and optimized for a smaller kid. The back seat is for an older child, at least 2.5 years old. However, there are many different models. Also, this stroller includes a standing platform. Therefore, when you remove the back toddler seat or bench seat, your older child can stand on the standing platform and hold the handle installed to the stroller frame. They are lighter than many side-by-side counterparts, still not as lightweight as travel strollers. On average, sit and stand double strollers weigh between 25 pounds and 30 pounds, while their weight capacity is between 80 pounds and 100 pounds. Their price goes between $180 to $799.

Convertible double stroller

Convertible double strollers are the most practical double strollers on the market. That’s because they can be optimized to support between one and three kids. These strollers can also have numerous possible configurations. What’s more, they are compatible with car seats. However, the second seat is usually sold separately. Keep that in mind when it comes to cost planning. This is not the option for families on a tight budget. When you include the second seat and adapter, you can’t find a decent model for under $400. Their weight capacity goes up to 90-100 pounds, so accordingly, these strollers are themselves a bit heavy. The lightest models weigh around 30 pounds.

influencer mom pushing her twin girls in a convertible double stroller

Triple (or quad) stroller

These types of strollers can be both tandem or side-by-side. On tandem strollers, there are usually two twin seats and one standing platform, all in-line. They can also come in a combination of three equal seats for +6 months. In the case of side-by-side models, two seats are placed one next to another, and the third is installed in front of one seat, lifted a bit higher. There are some extremely expensive models that can include three seats side-by-side.

It’s worth noting that they have a massive construction and don’t fold to small sizes. Also, these strollers are heavy as heck. They weigh around 60 pounds at best. What’s more, triple (or quad) strollers are either too long for convenient steering or too wide for doorways, and it’s really a hassle to fit them into your truck. The price goes between $350 to +$1000. If you’re really in need of a triple stroller we recommend you choose the high-end models with upgraded wheel systems, advanced structures, and good maneuverability.

It’s important to consider your lifestyle

“Life Before Baby” is not just a first child phenomenon. Keep in mind that life will change again with a new baby around. Now you will need two of everything. Therefore, it’s time to get used to seeing double. When it comes to your stroller, an upgrade might only mean purchasing a second seat. Or, it could mean a whole new system.

Ask yourself this question about your lifestyle to begin:

Will you spend a lot of time in cramped or crowded spaces?

Then you might need an easy-to-shoulder double umbrella stroller. It will provide the most flexibility in these situations. These amazing strollers, and others like them, fold quickly and navigate tight spaces with ease. Otherwise, a narrow tandem might make more sense in crowds. Don’t forget to consider how often you will need to fold it to use the stairs or fit through tight lines. A lot of parents continue to tell us that maneuverable in-line strollers offer superior flexibility. The newest varieties of double umbrellas offer lightweight and easy to carry. Luckily, these days, you don’t have to sacrifice many features either.

Will you often need to load your stroller in and out of a vehicle?

Do you spend more time driving than walking? Them your stroller needs will change substantially. Try to consider how much time your child spends riding versus time in the car. A tandem stroller with many parts might be frustrating especially if your family lives in the suburbs and you drive a lot.

Do you usually spend much time outdoors on uneven surfaces?

It’s always very important to consider stroller suspension, wheel durability, and braking systems. Especially when your family lives for the outdoors. As we all know, not every stroller can handle off-road adventures. Do your family love parks and nature trails? Then you will need a stroller built for adventure. These models are usually larger than others. However, they will pay dividends in durability and maneuverability. 

mother playing with her kids who are sitting in a double stroller

Do you walk on bumpy roads, driveways, or sidewalks?

Parents must consider whether they spend time pushing their baby on cobblestone or gravel. These surfaces may not be rustic but do mean things can get bumpy.  We recommend you use front locking wheels and suspension to save your children from an uncomfortable ride.

Pick a double stroller with ease

“Life Before Baby” is not just a first child phenomenon. Keep in mind that life will change again with a new baby around. Now you will need two of everything. Therefore, it’s time to get used to seeing double. When it comes to your stroller, an upgrade might only mean purchasing a second seat. Or, it could mean a whole new system.

What age is the double stroller for?

When double strollers were later introduced, they were mostly recommended for twins or two children younger than 3. But today is a different story. Most manufacturers market strollers that carry children beyond age 4, with increasing weight limits of as much as 50 pounds or 150 for some double strollers.

Can you put a newborn in a double stroller?

The answer to this is yes. Your newborns can absolutely ride in the right double stroller. A double stroller is for sure a great investment and you can start using many of the models the day your twins are born. All you have to do is to make sure that the newborn twin’s stroller has seats that recline fully for use before 6 months of age.

To Sum It Up

At the end of the day, double strollers are definitely worth your money. You are going to need one, especially if you take your little ones out often for walks, parks, family events, or shopping.  And let us tell you if you just got twins, your second child, or you love jogging with two of your little ones, yes! You do need it. We hope this article has guided you towards the right option for your growing family and given you a variety of different options that are fit for two. Of course, there are plenty to choose from in the market. If you are still looking for more stroller options, our staff are all mums too and can help you find the best solution for your family. Feel free to get in touch.  Also, if you would like to do some further reading on strollers, you can read our blog which discusses how to convert a single stroller into a double!

little girl holding a doll and standing in front of her baby brother who is sitting in a stroller at the beach

Taking a stroller to the beach: All you need to consider

All you need to consider

Taking a stroller to the beach

One of the fondest memories you’ll have with your little one will be going to the beach. However, a trip to the beach with babies or toddlers requires a lot of planning. Even though taking a stroller to the beach isn’t easy, you will need an efficient one to help you through the challenges of getting your baby and all his little stuff from the car to the beach.

As we all know, not every stroller is built the same. The market has a variety of options, but here’s what you need to know.  There are logistical concerns with having the right gear for your baby. There are also safety concerns to protect your baby from the sun, wind, and sand. In this article, we’ll share the important things to consider when taking a baby stroller to the beach. We will also provide a very short list of the best beach strollers to expedite your shopping decision-making. 

Can you take a baby stroller to the beach?

This is a very common question that we hear from families. The answer is yes. However, we must also note that it won’t be easy. It may be a hassle and prevent you and your family from enjoying time at the beach, especially if you pick up the wrong stroller. In fact, taking a stroller to the beach can be a real headache if you  don’t ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the beach busy with lots of people?
  • Is there a boardwalk?
  • Are there lifeguard towers to leave the stroller?
  • How strong/wide are your stroller wheels?
  • How far is the parking lot from the beach?

Mother running with her jogging stroller at the beach

Best beach strollers

The best beach strollers are able to handle all types of terrains. This way you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the sand on a fun family day out. Manufacturers produce beach-friendly baby strollers that are comfortable for both parents and babies. They are usually suitable for daily use as well. Therefore, no matter the reason you’re looking for the best beach strollers, this selection has something for everyone. 

Take a look at Metro stroller

A lightweight, all-terrain stroller with a car seat. Metro is perfect for strolling or jogging through the beach. You can bring everything you need with its large cargo basket. This stroller is convenient and ergonomic, and it will provide you with the smooth ride you desire for both parent and child. Get ready to hit the ground rolling with a lightweight aluminum frame that folds compactly for ease of use and storage. Metro offers a dual-position seat that allows your baby to face you or take on the world. The included (no need to buy anything additional) universal car seat adapter allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats.

See available Metro stroller colors and check for current discounts here.

Kinderwagon metro stroller perfect for the beach

Hop double stroller

If a single beach stroller needs to be good, a double beach stroller needs to be excellent. Your little ones will enjoy strolling and exploring the beach comfortably with Hop’s soft and wide seats. The dual canopies are waterproof and have UPF 50+ sun protection. It comes with a large storage basket that can carry up to 15 pounds. This tandem double stroller also meets Disneyland/Disneyworld stroller size requirements. Its dimensions go up to 45″ L x 12″ W x 15.5″ H when folded and 30″ L x 20.5″ W x 42″ H when unfolded. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow, and easily collapsible for parents on the go.

It will make a good and effective investment for your family. You will not regret buying it! Click here for more details.

Best HOP Double Stroller at the beach

Picking a beach stroller

Usually, the best strollers for the beach tend to be jogging strollers (such as Jump) that are designed with rough terrains and active families in mind. Jogging strollers are great but there are a few things about them you need to keep in mind. Most of them tend to be heavier than compact strollers in order to ensure better stability and grip when on the move. These strollers might have a sportier look, which is great for outdoor pursuits but may not encounter your taste as the main stroller.  Lastly, they tend to have air-filled tires which are great for smooth rides. However, it may require extra pumping after prolonged use.

Jump is not a typical jogging stroller

Did we mention that jump is the same size as a single umbrella stroller? It only weighs 18 lbs and its dimensions go for 45″ L x 11″ W x 15.5″ H when folded and  30″ L x 20.5″ W x 42″ H when unfolded. “Jump” stroller has a lightweight aluminum frame, a compact umbrella fold, and a removable canopy, it also has a removable cup holder. A rear platform seat allows a child 2.5+ years to easily “jump” on and off. The comfy front seat is suitable from 3+ months or birth with a compatible infant car seat. It has eight, medium-sized wheels to glide over rough surfaces (less pushing for you) and a suspension system to decrease the impact of jolts on your baby. This stroller cuts down on your physical efforts and it is convenient when you are traveling. It will help your child in being secure and happy on any journey or trip.

Check price and availability

Double umbrella stroller that is not banned in disney land

What to look for when choosing the best beach stroller for beach days / beach vacations

When choosing a stroller for the beach, we looked at a few specs that we wanted the stroller to have.

Sun protection

Of course, you have to pick a stroller that offers sun protection when choosing one for the beach. You need a large canopy and UV-safe material. This will help you shade your baby from the sun. Combined with rash guards and sunscreen, can make your days at the beach longer and safer. You can also drape a lightweight blanket over your stroller to block the sun while you’re out for a walk. Remember, in this case, it is very important to make sure your little one is staying cool and getting plenty of fresh air. Another easy way to avoid the sun’s harmful rays is by using an umbrella. It won’t restrict air circulation. Lastly, it is also helpful to buy a stroller with light fabric.

Stroller Ventilation

As we all know, the beach can get very hot. Therefore it is important for a beach stroller to have materials that are not too plasticky and allow a good flow of air.

For this, I find our all-terrain umbrella strollers to be the best as they are built to perform in different conditions, including outdoor varying temperatures. Ventilation, via either mesh panels or the fabric used in the canopy, is very important too. It keeps your child comfortable and not too warm. Some strollers come with canopies that have a clear plastic or mesh window on top, so you can keep an eye on your baby.

Age range

One of the most important considerations when picking a stroller for the beach is the age range a stroller is suitable for. Are you thinking of getting a beach stroller as your main or only stroller? Then you need to make sure it is suitable for newborns and kids under 6 months. This usually means the stroller seat can lie fully flat. The choice is smaller for a good beach terrain stroller from birth than for a beach stroller for older kids. However, it is important to follow manufacturer instructions and not skip to the size ahead. Keep in mind that the wrong seat can be dangerous and really harm your baby. 


Remember, a good beach stroller has to be very easy to maneuver. Of course, no matter how good it may be, the sand will make it harder to push.

little girl holding a doll and standing in front of her baby brother who is sitting in a stroller at the beach

If your beach has a boardwalk you’re in luck

Some beaches are perfect for strollers. You can find beach boardwalks that stretch for miles. They offer hours of walking or running with your baby. However, as we all know, using the boardwalk won’t get you on the sand. It won’t provide time to sleep on the beach. On the other hand, the boardwalk is the perfect place to go if you want to get outside and exercise. Baby strollers are allowed even in the areas marked for walkers and runners. Even though most boardwalks are paved, keep in mind that a baby stroller (runner) with large rubber tires will make it much easier to push.

Can you push a stroller on sand?

This is the reason why finding a good stroller for the beach is not easy. We all know how hard it is to push a stroller on the sand. However, wheels are a great help when lugging all the gear you need for a day at the beach with a toddler. A stroller is something we highly recommend you don’t go without! Of course, if you are spending a weekend at the beach then expect to walk on the sand. Once you leave the boardwalk pushing the stroller will be laborious and maybe even impossible. Remember, every beach has a different type of sand. There are beaches that have thick powdering sand while others have coarse compacted sand. Anyway, most tourist beaches have the former.

The stroller will get you from the car to the sand

You are going to need the stroller to get from the car to the sand. It will probably be packed with diapers, food, and other necessities for the day. Sometimes, you might have to pick up the stroller and carry it to your spot on the beach. Hopefully, if you’re strong this won’t be a problem. Otherwise, we recommend you park it in a convenient location, close to your spot on the beach. Try to get to the beach early before all the other beachgoers arrive. For sure, if you arrive before 10 am in the summer tourist season you should have your choice of parking spots. Remember, a good parking spot means you can leave the stroller in the car.

Wheel size matters

When it comes to strollers everyone agrees about this – wheel size matters. Usually, thin tires don’t do well on sand (including bike tires). If you want a stroller that does well on sand go for wide wheels. They will provide more surface area on an uneven beach. Don’t expect to run or walk with your stroller on the sand if it is not wet. Wet sand near the water is usually best for running. However, we don’t think it’s firm enough for a stroller.

The sand might stay in the stroller for sometime

Strangely, the mere act of taking a stroller to the beach will involve sand getting everywhere.  Even when you work hard to make sure the wheels aren’t in contact with the sand, it doesn’t matter. Sand has a way of getting everywhere. Randomly, it appears for months afterward. If your baby stroller is high quality try not taking it near the sand. Sand can get in bearings and cause problems in wheels.

We don’t recommend you to leave the baby strollers unwatched

Have you used the stroller to arrive at the beach? Then your first thought might have been: “where can I leave the stroller while walking on the beach”. We recommend you do a mental checklist:

  • Is the beach too busy?
  • Can you keep an eye on the stroller?
  • Is there a place where you can “hide” it?
  • Do you have a bike lock so you can lock the stroller in a secure place?
  • Is there a lifeguard tower nearby where you can park it?

mother is showing the sea to her baby who is holding on to he's stroller

Crowded beaches?

A crowded beach will have plenty of foot traffic walking by your unattended stroller. Of course, this isn’t a good thing especially if your stroller is nice. If you can keep an eye on the stroller while you’re resting or walking on the beach it might be possible to leave your stroller. In this case, you have to find a spot on the beach that’s only 50-100 feet from the stroller.

As a result, you’ll have less walking and you don’t have to worry about your stroller going missing.

Do you have an extra bike lock?

It is perfect for this situation. Using a bike lock gives you the option of leaving the stroller next to a pole or bike rack and forgetting about it until you come back. Few people would cut a bike lock to take a stroller! Your last option is to look for a lifeguard tower and leave your stroller next to it. Lifeguards are the authority on a beach. Therefore leaving items there will be better protected than out in the open. You can also ask the lifeguard if it’s permitted to leave your stroller there.

Baby beach essentials you will need for a great trip at the beach

Are you taking your baby to the beach? You’ll love watching him/her play in the sand and water. Here is a list of essentials for a baby at the beach.

Beach clothes

Their beachwear is one of the most important beach necessities for babies. Rather than trying to make sure you cover every spot with sunscreen, we recommend you keep your baby’s skin protected from the sun with your baby’s beach clothes. Be diligent with covering other areas with sunscreen and reapply as needed. It is very important to consult your doctor about using sunscreen on babies less than 6 months old.

Baby sunscreen

Sunscreen is an absolute must for babies who might be crawling around in the sand or water. Make sure to get a water-resistant one with less harmful chemicals. You need a reef-safe sunscreen with organic ingredients for babies. Cream sunscreens typically offer better coverage. Always apply before you get to the beach for a less fussy child and when needed!

Swim diaper and essentials

Pack just enough for the day. You have to always change your baby into a clean fresh diaper and shorts so he doesn’t get the car seat wet. If he falls asleep in the car you don’t need to worry about changing the baby and waking him up. Happy Toddler, Happy Parents.

Baby Beach Tent

Are you planning a full day in the sun? Then you really have to keep your baby protected from the elements. You can’t go wrong with a baby sun tent. There are a few options to consider when looking for the best baby beach tent and it will depend on how you want to use it.

Baby swimming toys

Help your baby keep cool in the calm ocean water with baby swimming toys. If the water at the beach is just too rough for your baby, then add an inflatable baby pool to your beach essentials for the baby. You can position it in or near your baby sun tent. This way your little one has some shade while they splash around in this pool. Grab yourself a set of sandy beach toys that includes a bucket, shovels, and a watering can. Your baby will love dumping out the water and digging in the sand.

baby swimming in the sea in a swimming float

To conclude

Taking a stroller to the beach is a good idea. However, try to make sure there’s a place to put it and if it’s worth carrying on the sand. As mentioned before, at most beaches there are lifeguard towers and bike racks where you can lock up the stroller while you walk on the beach. It is also very important to understand that if it’s a busy beach you might be better off leaving the stroller in the car. On the other hand, if the beach you’re visiting has a boardwalk, it’s perfect for running or walking (sometimes many miles).  Lastly, try to make sure to arrive early and find a parking spot close to the shore. Remember, the closer you can park the less need you’ll have for taking your stroller to the beach.

choosing a stroller for your newborn

Don’t buy a stroller for your newborn before reading this!

Don’t buy a stroller for your newborn before reading this!

Going outside into the fresh air and having a change of scene is good for both you and your baby. Did you know that with a little planning, you can enjoy getting out of the house with your newborn as soon as you like? Baby strollers are one of the things that you need to have for your baby. However, you must know how to pick the best stroller for your newborn. There are different types of strollers out there, and each one comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Are you choosing a stroller for your newborn?

Then this blog is the only guide you’ll ever need. Have you ever tried to find the best stroller for your newborn? If yes you probably know what the problem is. There are a lot of options, and most of them look identical except for brand and price. We know every new parent is afraid of spending a fortune and discovering that the stroller they chose wasn’t the right to buy. We are here to help and talk about how to choose the stroller that’s right for you. What’s more, we will also mention some of the best strollers which have both a newborn-friendly “toddler” stroller seat and an included bassinet or car seat.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Mother watchin her newborn baby sleep in the stroller

Can a stroller be used for newborns?

The answer to this is “YES”. Some strollers are designed to be used from birth as a bassinet stroller, in a fully laid-back position. So if you plan to use a stroller for your newborn, you have to make sure that the stroller reclines. That’s because newborns can’t sit up or hold up their heads. Some strollers fully recline or can be used with a bassinet attachment or an infant-only car seat, such as Metro. Also, most jogging strollers aren’t designed to recline. As a result, they aren’t appropriate for babies until about age 6 months.

Is a stroller safe for newborns?

The strollers are safe for newborns as long as they come with a comfy seat that fully reclines, so your newborn can lie flat on his back. This is a must-have feature. At this point, your main concern is to keep your baby stable, supported, and comfortable. We recommend you go for a sturdy, structured stroller with a good suspension system that can absorb bounces and prevent jostling. 

Can newborns sleep in a stroller?

Yes, your newborn can sleep in a stroller. Letting your baby nap in it while out and about isn’t a safety concern as long as you take precautions. For infants, you have to ensure they lie fully reclined, so that their necks remain supported. If they’re in a car seat, you can use special inserts or rolled-up blankets to keep them from slumping over. Avoid large blankets, and never cover their faces.

Buying a new baby stroller?

Not all baby gear marketed as a “must-have” is actually essential. However, there is one category that definitely is: the stroller. Before choosing one, you will probably want to ask yourself some of the same questions. Think about the suspension of the stroller, how good is it? What kind of terrain can the stroller handle? How does it deal with turns? And what kind of storage does it have? We know that buying a baby stroller can sometimes seem like you’re making a decision that’s just as weighty as a visit to the dealership. Also, before you buy a stroller, don’t forget to consider whether you want it “to grow with you” and your expanding family.

Did you know that there are many distinct types of strollers?

So a stroller isn’t just a stroller. They come in a number of styles, including umbrella, carriage, and jogging models; travel systems; and strollers designed to carry two or more children. Usually, parents learn this parenting truth when going to buy one for the first time or adding one to a registry. These distinct types of strollers come with different price points and each is intended for a specific lifestyle or need. We have worked a lot to learn more about the various types of strollers and what stroller features you should be considering. As mentioned before, when buying for newborns, don’t forget to select a fully reclining model or a model that will allow you to attach an infant car seat. Travel systems, which include an infant car seat, car seat base, and stroller, are popular options.

Remember – stroller safety begins with choosing the right stroller for your baby. You as a parent should know what to consider when looking for a stroller and how to keep your baby safe on the go.

Pregnant woman at the stroller shop trying to choose a stroller for her newborn baby

What to know before shopping for a stroller for you newborn

There are many factors to consider when buying a stroller. However, we recommend that shoppers always start with the size before anything else. Parents need to first measure their trunk, doorway, and stroller storage area to see what size might work best. Then they need to think about how the stroller is going to be used. Is it for daily use? Then you have to consider where you live too. Will you be strolling on concrete, gravel, grass, or dirt path?


Two essential aspects to consider when choosing a stroller are where you live and your lifestyle. In an urban environment, your stroller is your car. That’s because you’re using it all day not only to walk with your baby but also to schlep your groceries and goods around. Therefore investing in a great stroller in an urban environment can be more important than investing if you are in and out of a car constantly in the suburbs. The realities of your day-to-day life directly impact what kind of stroller you need — and whether you might want to splurge on something fancy. 

Consider whether you plan to expand your family anytime soon

As mentioned before, it is a good idea to think about this before choosing your stroller. Do you want a stroller to grow with you and your family? If you have multiples or plan to have siblings in close proximity, you’ll want to consider a convertible or double stroller. Or maybe you will just buy another one when baby number two comes?

The budget

Not every parent can afford the “best” on the market. However, many of them might be surprised to find out that the ‘best’ might not be the best after thinking about the above scenarios. Strollers typically run $50-$300 for traditional strollers; all-terrain strollers generally run $130-$300, and high-end strollers can cost more than $700.

What is the best stroller for your newborn?

You will have to decide what kind of stroller is best for you. Do you want a travel system? Or maybe you want a bassinet? A stroller that reclines fully and can be used from birth, but can also take a car seat (such as Metro) would be a great choice too. To help you decide, here’s a short list of the different categories:

Bassinet stroller for newborns

Bassinet strollers allow newborns to lie completely flat. They are made especially for tiny babies and are soft and comfortable. These strollers will eliminate every parent’s fear of waking the baby when transferring him or her out of the stroller. You are able to remove the bassinet and carry it carefully into the house. However, it’s important to understand that most bassinet strollers are not intended for overnight sleeping, or for sleeping at all. Not only that, the softness of the bassinet is a liability, not an advantage. What’s more, the lack of a seatbelt is a risk in and of itself. It’s worth noting that bassinets are only safe until your little one learns to roll over. Your child will be able to roll over between three and six months. Once that happens, it’s time to move on to a regular stroller.

Travel systems

Travel systems might seem ideal: You’ve got both your stroller and your car seat – with a guarantee that they’re compatible. What’s more, the price tag for a travel system is often lower than it would be if you bought the components separately.

But the disadvantage is that travel system strollers are often bulky and heavy. Therefore it’s hard to find a travel system that offers options such as a reversible seat or handlebar, or a super-small fold.

A young mother dressed in yellow dotted long dress and a hat, is sitting at the park while her newborn baby is calmly sleeping in a bassinet stroller

Lightweight strollers

Lightweight strollers are not intended for babies under six months old unless they are in a car seat or bassinet. At the same time, lightweight strollers are not compatible with either a car seat or a bassinet. These types of strollers – whether they fold “umbrella” or otherwise – are a great choice for older infants and toddlers. But if you’re searching for one for your newborn, be sure that it lies flat and is approved for use with newborns.

Take a look at Metro 👇🏻

Metro is a lightweight stroller that can accommodate newborns as well as older toddlers. It provides all of the safety features a baby needs. This stroller will make your life easier and we think it can work for you. Get ready to hit the ground rolling with a lightweight aluminum frame that folds compactly for ease of use and storage. The storage space under the seat has plenty of space for shopping, diapers, and more.

Furthermore, it is important for young babies to have eye contact with their parents. Removable seat units can be used rearward facing with your child looking towards you then convert to forward-facing when your child is older. Metro offers a dual-position seat that allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride.

If you have a car, you might look for a stroller that can hold your baby’s car seat. The included (no need to buy anything additional) universal car seat adapter allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats. A removable cup holder, leatherette handle, and extra-large basket allow for a comfortable day out!


How to put a newborn in a stroller?

We recommend switching to the stroller seat in a reclined position once the baby can support their head on their own. This will typically happen when the baby is about three months old. Then, you can switch to fully upright in the stroller seat when the baby can sit up on their own. This will typically be possible between five and seven months.

Can you walk a newborn in a stroller?

It is fine to go outside with your baby as soon as you feel ready. According to most pediatric health experts, infants can be taken out in public or outside right away. Nevertheless, parents must follow some basic safety precautions. There is no need to wait until 6 weeks or 2 months of age. Getting out, and in particular, getting outside in nature is good for parents and babies. After a feed and a nappy change is a good time. If your baby was premature or has a health condition, you must speak to your doctor before you go outside with them.

Keeping your baby safe

One of the greatest dangers to newborn babies outside might be the sun as most parents underestimate its side effects. Try to keep your little one in the shade at all times. If you cover the stroller with a cloth, you have to make sure air can still get through. Alternatively, you could use the stroller’s canopy top or an umbrella to create shade. We recommend you minimize the use of sunscreen in babies younger than 6 months. If your newborn has to be in the sun, try to apply sunscreen to those small areas of skin not covered by wraps, clothing, and a hat.

Other basic safety precautions

We also recommend you try to protect your baby from people who are sick. This is very important because babies’ immune systems are not fully developed. Immunization will help protect them. However, whooping cough is very dangerous for your little one. Keep in mind that newborns are usually not immune for at least the first few months of life and sometimes longer. If you suspect they have come into contact with someone who has whooping cough take your baby to the doctor.

What to take with you when going out with your baby

Are you considering going on a stroller trip with your newborn baby? Even if you are going out for a short while, it is a good idea to be prepared in case your baby is hungry or needs a nappy change. We recommend you pack a bag with the following:

  • Nappies (2 to 5, this depends on the length of your outing).
  • Wipes (you can put them in a convenient travel case).
  • 2 to 3 changes of clothes.
  • Accessories depending on the weather (hat, blankets, sunshade).
  • Plastic bag for soiled clothes or nappies.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Formula and bottles if you are bottle-feeding.

Mother preparing the bag with all the things she need for going out with her newborn in a stroller

How to dress your little one

It is very important to keep your child at the right temperature. Did you know that you can check whether your baby is too warm or cold by feeling their forehead? Remember, babies’ hands and feet often feel cold when you touch them. Therefore do not judge their temperature by feeling their extremities. We recommend you dress your baby in layers that you can take off and put back on. It is a good idea to dress them in one more layer than you need yourself.

Is it cold weather? Then try to keep your baby warm with a blanket and hat. When you come inside into the warm don’t forget to take off a layer or two. Is there hot weather? It’s worth noting that you will need to take special care to keep your baby cool and protect them from the sun. Keep in mind that babies cannot cool themselves as well as adults and are more at risk of overheating. Dress your newborn in minimal clothing on a hot day. You also need to make sure their arms and legs are covered to prevent sunburn. What’s more, a hat would help a lot as an essential accessory to protect your baby’s head properly.

Keep It Rolling

Knowing about stroller safety is very important to avoid injuries and accidents while out and about with the baby. We recommend you look for a stable frame, wide base, optimal brakes, and smooth steering. Try to avoid overloading the buggy, and never leave it unattended while your baby is inside. For sure, you will love having adventures with your baby as they see the world from their stroller. And, the best part is that you can have confidence they’ll be safe.

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best stroller for plane travel

How to find the best stroller for plane travel?

How to find the best stroller for plane travel

Are you looking for the best stroller for plane travel?

Well, you came to the right place! This blog will guide you to airline policies, their pros and cons, and also some suggestions on strollers. After reading and working on a lot of reviews we have stuck to the main features that have been useful when traveling with a baby and specifically strollers that are great for airplane travel.

Are you allowed to take a stroller on a plane?

As mentioned before, the answer to this is yes, you are allowed to take a stroller on a plane. We know that traveling with babies and strollers on airplanes can be confusing with rules varying between airlines. But, don’t worry. We will help you to find many answers to your questions. There are 3 main options to bring a stroller on a plane.

Mother with a green backpack pushing a black stroller at the airport

Most airlines allow you to bring a stroller

When flying with a baby under two most airlines allow you to bring a stroller and a car seat free of charge in addition to your normal baggage allowance. The car seat is also to be placed in the aircraft hold, with the rest of your luggage. You have to see for each individual airline’s stroller policy as they do vary, with some only allowing one piece free of charge whether an infant or older child. Remember to always check with your airline before because policies can change even from the time of writing.

The second option

Did you know that some airlines will permit compact umbrella strollers to be placed (free of charge) in the cabin in the overhead lockers? Of course only if space is available.


As mentioned before, stroller policies do vary for each individual airline. On some of them, if your travel stroller fits within the airline carry-on luggage size requirements, it may be brought on board in place of your cabin baggage.

Why is it important to keep a stroller with you when traveling?

Traveling with children, especially babies can be quite challenging. It’s hard to be able to make both your baby and you comfortable, therefore using a stroller is a great solution. Your baby can rest comfortably while you take care of all the flight details. Strollers also help you keep your children safe either from lights, noise, or sometimes even people. Choosing the right stroller for your baby can truly be life-changing which is why we are here to help you.

Here are some Airline Gate Checking Stroller Policies:

Air Canada strongly recommends the use of small collapsible umbrella types of strollers. Air France requires strollers packed in a carrying case that covers the stroller fully. American Airlines allows each ticketed customer 1 stroller and 1 car seat to be checked free of charge. British Airways emphasizes that the stroller size has to be small if you want to be able to collect your pushchair at the aircraft door on arrival.

The general plane rule over stroller size

The general rule oversize is that the stroller must be fully collapsible. You can still take travel systems, (such as Metro) on most airlines. Do you know what a travel system stroller is? It basically is a full-size, stand-alone stroller that comes with a compatible infant car seat that clips into the stroller when you’re on foot or in the car.

METRO stroller is a way to make your flight easier

Metro is the latest addition to our growing Kinderwagon family. It is an assisting asset in terms of the realization of a mother’s daily tasks! 

Metro offers a dual-position seat that allows your baby to face you or take on the world, while both front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride. The included (no need to buy anything additional) universal car seat adapter allows for use from birth with compatible infant car seats. A removable cup holder, leatherette handle, and extra-large basket allow for a comfortable day out! Includes rain cover and removable cup holder. 

 It weights no more than 24 lbs and its dimensions go up to 30″ L x 23 1/4″ W x 12″ H when folded and 33″ L x 23 1/4″ W x 40″ H when unfolded.

Kinderwagon metro stroller perfect for the beach

Pros and Cons of using a stroller for plane travel:


  • Traveling with a stroller helps you make sure that you and your baby have a more calm and comfortable flight.
  • It also helps you to save a lot of time by carrying your baby around.
  • The baby is a lot safer and more secure.
  • It’s a great tool for your baby’s naptime.
  • It makes waiting in line a lot easier.
  • It’s practical and portable.


  • Some certain strollers can be a little expensive.
  • It’s hard to store or pack when traveling.
  • It takes up space.

Stylish mother with her stroller ready for plane travel

What should you look for when buying a stroller for plane travel?

  • It has to be lightweight.
  • It is important to find a stroller that folds easily (possibly with one hand).
  • Try to find a practical stroller.
  • Make sure to choose one that’s soft and comfortable for your baby.
  • Having sun/light protection is a must.
  • It should have lots of pockets to store everything that the baby needs.
  • Try matching it with your own style to fit your own aesthetic.
  • Make sure it has an affordable price (such as Vie) since it is not a lifetime investment.
  • It must have big enough wheels so that the baby is comfortable and not disturbed when moving.

Other features

Keep in mind that a full recline option is a must for babies and sleep times. If a lie-flat option does not come as standard on the below compact strollers, then a full bassinet or cot attachment is possible. Also, remember that the stroller does not only need to obviously be comfortable for your baby but also be comfortable for you. Go for a stroller that has adjustable handles to avoid back pain. Maybe a convenient drink holder?

Take a look at Jump

“Jump” stroller is the perfect option for families on the go!

A rear platform seat allows a child 2.5+ years to easily “jump” on and off. The comfy front seat is suitable from 3+ months or birth with a compatible infant car seat. These features make Jump your go-to stroller for siblings close in age. It’s the same size as a single umbrella stroller. It only weighs 18 lbs and its dimensions go for 45″ L x 11″ W x 15.5″ H when folded and  30″ L x 20.5″ W x 42″ H when unfolded.

Jump” has a lightweight aluminum frame, a compact umbrella fold, and a removable canopy, it is a removable cup holder. “Jump” would be the best choice as it is ergonomic, with an adjustable seat and even a canopy to make your baby feel protected from the elements.

Jump red baby stroller suitable for plane travel

Check through or gate check?

Are you wondering whether to check the stroller through with the other luggage or use it all the way to the gate? Strollers can be checked for free both at the check-in counter and when you board. The advantage of gate checking at the plane is that you can use the stroller at your departure and arrival airports. This is particularly useful if you’re traveling with a baby or any child likely to be snoozing when you land or leave. The disadvantage is that it can sometimes take 10-15 minutes before it’s delivered to the jet bridge once the plane arrives at its destination. This can be an uncomfortable wait, especially in very hot or cold weather. Waiting for a gate-checked stroller also means that you’re last in line at customs and immigration behind the hundreds of other people on your flight.

Where do gate-checked strollers go?

Did you know that you can keep the stroller with you until boarding, and have it ‘gate checked’? But, where do gate-checked strollers go? By gate checking, we mean that your stroller has usually been tagged with the destination tag at Check-in. This allows you to use the stroller around the airport and take it through to the boarding gate. Before you board, you will be asked to collapse your stroller, to allow the staff to load you into the plane with the rest of your bags. If it is a cabin-sized stroller, you will be allowed to bring it into the cabin. However, this depends on the airline policy and how full the flight is. The same applies to umbrella strollers too.

Were you wondering whether you could bring a stroller on board in the cabin?

As mentioned before, sometimes this is possible. But if you want to take your stroller on board with you, it normally needs to fit within the assigned size limit for cabin baggage. Therefore, this would only really be feasible with a smaller buggy or stroller. What’s more, there are some airlines that will allow you to take a collapsible stroller on top of your other hand baggage at no extra charge.

How do you protect your stroller when flying?

We have all seen what can happen to bags and how strollers or buggies can be thrown around carelessly by some airport baggage handlers. That’s why we recommend you use a stroller bag. This can mean you can store some extra items to help pad it out and offer some protection, like diapers/nappies, a cuddly toy, a blanket, etc. Doing so, you also get a little bit of extra baggage (try to keep that quiet! 🤫)

Another way to protect your stroller when you are traveling is to gate-check it if possible. There are more people around, meaning more eyes to see that luggage is handled more delicately! Try to find a padded stroller bag for air travel, over just a normal bag. You can pad a jumbo laundry or storage bag with nappies/diapers like mentioned above. However, it would be tricky to cover the entire stroller. All that a non-padded stroller bag does is that it really helps keep a pushchair clean, and keeps all parts together. It offers little protection.

Is it hard for you to find a padded stroller bag for air travel?

In this case, we recommend you to ask around friends if they have one you can borrow. This is a good idea as it is not an item you will use frequently. Otherwise, you can look on eBay for a second-hand one.

When will you feel the need of a travel stroller in your life?

You will need a stroller to travel with especially when you have more than one baby. Being a parent of siblings can be exhausting and traveling with them can become quite tiring at times. U need to be able to keep them together and safe and move them at the same time, double strollers are a great solution for this.

Take a look at Hop

HOP is our tandem umbrella stroller that really packs a punch. It gives your youngest the comfortable and safe accommodations that they’d have had if they were in a single stroller while at the same time letting your older child ride comfortably when they’re too tired. HOP will help parents to make exercise, errands, and daily life easier. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow, and easily collapsible which makes it the best stroller for plane travel.

This stroller is suitable for both twins and siblings that are close in age. The small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period. So if you have been blessed with twins or have 2 children who are close in age, a Hop stroller can help you cope with both your kids simultaneously. You can fold your double stroller to its smallest size. It makes for easy downsizing in a small restaurant, on public transportation, or on an airplane if need be. Its dimensions go up to 45″ L x 12″ W x 15.5″ H when folded and 30″ L x 20.5″ W x 42″ H when unfolded.

Best HOP Double Stroller at the beach

Waiting in long lines when travelling abroad

It is very hard for young children or babies to be patient enough to wait in line. They either get sleepy and tired or they have energy outbursts and feel the need to move a lot. Having something comfortable for your children, such as Hop or Jump stroller, is the only solution to this problem.

When you are walking in very crowded places

We know how anxious having our child in crowded places make us. It is normal to worry about their safety and well-being.  Strollers help you have more control over your children and they also keep them secure for you.

Car seats travel for free

All airlines will accept child safety seats and strollers as checked baggage for no additional charge. When it comes to checking a car seat, we strongly recommend placing it inside a large bag. This way you will keep it from being soiled and ensure parts don’t get lost or caught on aircraft-loading equipment. You can also pack extra diapers, beach towels, or anything else light and soft in the bag to help keep it cushioned a bit. This is for sure a savvy trick that will help free up some space — and save a little weight — in your other checked bags. Unless the car seat bag is ridiculously heavy, chances are you won’t even be asked to open it to show what’s inside.

Smaller is better for air travel

We strongly recommend traveling with the smallest stroller you can find that will meet your needs (take a look at Vie stroller). Gigantic jogging strollers can’t be easily transported in rental cars or on buses and trains. What’s more, a lot of airlines have weight limits on strollers they’ll allow to be gate-checked. However, that’s something you’ll want to investigate before you fly if you’re considering bringing something on the larger side.

When will you stop needing a stroller?

You will stop needing strollers when your kids are old enough to walk long distances. When they get to that age where they are not as distracted and they have the energy to walk you can finally leave the stroller at home.

When travelling with cruises

You can consider not taking a stroller with you when traveling on cruises. There is a lot more space depending on the size of the ship. However, you don’t have to take one with you because a lot of cruises offer you one of their own.

When visiting relatives

If you are staying a lot home with your family it is really not that important to take a stroller with you. Therefore to save yourself some time, space and energy you can just leave the stroller at home.

To sum it up

When it comes to travel strollers, it’s up to you to decide whether you need one or not. If you think you’ll need it, take it. If you’re pretty sure you won’t, then don’t take it with you. Do you always travel with a stroller? Then take a look at our strollers virtual shop, if you need to explore stroller options that can easily take you everywhere 

Ypung boy using a blanket as a stroller hack to keep his baby brother comfortable in the stroller

Stroller hacks to make your baby feel comfortable and safe

Stroller hacks to make your baby feel comfortable and safe

Taking care of your children is both a responsibility and an absolute joy. As we all know, the stroller is a vital accessory for every parent and child’s indoor and outdoor journey. A comfortable stroller is essential for keeping your baby settled and happy while traveling. Parents want to give their little one the care and protection s/he deserves. They want convenience for their babies. Safety is also a priority that everyone takes seriously to keep their child out of harm’s way. In this article, we’re giving the best stroller hacks to make your stroller more convenient and functional, as well as provide a safer and more comfortable ride for your little one.

young boy playing with his baby brother who is sitting comfortably in a stroller, surrounded by a warm blanket

Stay informed about stroller safety to avoid a preventable injury.

Did you know that, in 2016, there were 10,000 stroller-related injuries treated in the emergency room? Not every parent knows the potential dangers a baby could face while sitting in the stroller. It is worth noting that the best way to avoid a preventable injury is to be informed about stroller safety.

What features should you look for in a stroller?

We recommend you to consider checking for safety features, including:

Practical brakes

Choose a stroller that has brakes that are easy to operate. Keep in mind that the best brakes to go for are those consisting of locking mechanisms within the wheels rather than ones that use pressure. Some strollers have brakes that lock two wheels. We consider this to be a special safety feature as they provide extra security. You need to watch out where the brake lever sits. Bad-designed strollers may have one sitting in the front where an older child can reach. You need to make sure your baby can’t reach the brake release lever.

Don’t forget – when buying your stroller try the brakes out. Remember that they should be easy to operate, even while wearing flip-flops.

Go for a stroller with a wider base

Did you know that strollers that have wide bases are less likely to tip over? It’s true, that a sturdy stroller is imperative. Today you can find more “trendy” buggies that come with slim bases which decrease the stability. Remember, a broad base will ensure the optimal balance. As mentioned before, it will also reduce the chances of tipping the stroller.

A single footrest

If you’re looking for a side-by-side double stroller, avoid those with individual footrests. Instead, choose one with a single footrest that extends across both sitting areas. Small feet can get trapped between the gap of the separated footrests. This might cause an injury. Therefore, we recommend you go for a single footrest that spans the full width of the stroller.

Mother pushing a black, side by side double stroller along the beach

How can you keep your baby safe in his or her stroller?

Always stay close

You should never leave the stroller unattended with your baby inside. Accidents can happen anytime – the stroller can roll away, get too hot, or your little one could slip out and get trapped. Stay close enough to hear and see your baby – it’s a must.

Be careful with the toys

The toys hanging from the bumper bar are a good idea to make the baby love the stroller. Anyways, it’s very important to fasten them. This way they won’t get loosen and fall on your baby. We recommend you go for shorter-length fasteners in order to prevent accidental strangulation.

Buckle up

You should always use seat belts and harnesses. They are crucial features to have in your stroller. We all know that babies wiggle and move. Keep in mind that the best seat belt to use is a five-point harness that restrains your baby in crucial places including the shoulders, across the waist, and between the legs. Does your newborn require extra support? Try to roll up small baby blankets and use them as bumpers. As soon as your infant is able to roll from a back to belly position, you must remove the bumpers.

Use the stroller brakes

It’s highly recommended to engage them whenever you stop or are idle. Remember, never park the stroller on a slope.

Store belongings properly

We don’t recommend you hang a bag from the stroller’s handlebar. This can make a stroller tip over.

Respect the stroller weight limit

Infants of the same age can have completely different weights. Exceeding the limit is not a good idea. It will make the buggy unstable. Always verify the weight limit.

Take caution when folding and unfolding

It’s important to read the instructions on how to fold and unfold. You need to keep your baby at a distance when you open and fold the stroller. Their small fingers can get caught in stroller hinges. What’s more, it might happen that the stroller spontaneously collapses when not fully unfolded. Before placing your baby inside, give it a good shake to verify it won’t collapse.

Keep your baby out of the sun

During hot weather, you need to avoid direct sunlight. It’s not a good idea to let the stroller sit in the sun for long periods of time. This can cause plastic and metal pieces to become hot enough to potentially burn your baby. Instead, try to find some shade

If you leave the stroller in the sun, check the stroller’s surface temperature before placing your baby back in the stroller. It is also important to avoid placing a blanket over the sun canopy to cover your baby at the front. That’s because what you’re actually doing is that you’re preventing ventilation and increasing the chances of overheating.

Stroller Hack No.1

Prevent stroller tip-overs

Wrap the legs with ankle weights and say goodbye to stroller tip-overs. Doing this will help prevent “the accident” by giving you and your child a good balance as you go about your walk or shopping! Ankle weights are also one of the most popular stroller hacks. What’s more, they are an affordable way for you to prevent any stroller-related accidents along the way.

We hate to see how a lot of parents try to quickly catch a falling stroller. You can weigh down the front wheels of your stroller burdened with a jam-packed diaper bag hanging on the handles, by simply attaching ankle weights just above the wheels.

Have fun and create your own ankle weights

Of course, you can simply buy some Stroller Weights or even Ankle Weights, but that is not frugal. Are you able to sew? Then you can use an old pair of jeans you no longer wear, (or any other tightly woven cotton or woven nylon). Cut out a couple of rectangles of fabric – 13 inches by 5 inches. This one is a bit more work. There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that will make the process much easier.

If you can’t sew there’s no problem!

You can make ankle weights out of an old pair of tube socks (sew closed any holes first!). Try to tie a knot about one-fourth of the way up a long tube sock. Pour beans, rice, or sand into the sock. Then tie a second knot in the sock, about one-fourth the way down from the top of the sock. This way your weight is secured in the center of your sock. The ends of the sock are empty — so you can tie them around the front legs of your stroller. If it isn’t long enough to tie it easily, attach stick-on hook-and-loop fastener strips to the sock to fasten it. Simply wrap them on the front legs of your stroller, and off you go!

Stroller Hack No.2

Kids neck pillow

Did you know that having a really good kids’ travel pillow can make a real difference in how comfortable your children are on the plane, or during a long car journey? When choosing a travel pillow for your child, there are a few things to consider. First, don’t forget that kids’ necks aren’t as strong as adults. Therefore, while memory foam travel pillows may be popular with adults, they tend to be too dense for kids. That’s because their necks aren’t strong enough to push the memory foam back. We recommend you look for a microbead travel pillow. These small polystyrene beads are more malleable and therefore easier for small kids to move into the right position.

Other things you need to consider when choosing your kids travel pillow

Another feature to look for is that a children’s travel pillow needs to be easy to clean. This may sound obvious, but you will be surprised how many aren’t. If you’ve ever been on a flight with a small child, you probably know that kids spill things ALL THE TIME. Being stuck in a confined space for a period of time inevitably means that drinks, food, and bodily fluids will get spilled at some point. That’s why it is very important to make sure that your kid’s travel cushion is easy to clean.

Lastly, a feature we find very helpful in a children’s neck pillow is some kind of strap or ability to attach it to your kid’s stroller. This prevents it from being constantly dropped or dragged along the ground. You can also use your kid’s neck pillow for the car. In this case, it is very important to make sure that the pillow is not too thick so that it doesn’t push your child’s neck forward when they are seated in their car seat. Remember, it is important to ensure that your child’s back is aligned with the back of the seat and that the car seat straps are not loose.

baby laying in a stroller supported by a neck pillow

Air-filled pillow

Air-filled pillows for babies are affordable and easy to install. You can find them online or in certain stores. We must also note that they are an essential stroller hack for camping, traveling, and taking your baby along on holiday.  What’s more, parents can use the air pillow as an extra booster seat for children with disabilities or autism. You are able to adjust it to fit your baby or toddler. Don’t forget to make sure that the pillow is inflated before your baby sits on it.

Stroller Hack No.3

The Mommy Hook stroller accessory

Everyone loves to shop hands-free. You can do that while your stroller acts as your butler or partner, carrying multiple bags for you. Use large, heavy duty climbing carabiners on your handlebar to hang your shopping bags. Parents can keep one of these on the handle to attach their smaller bags or groceries to. Or they can also throw 2 on there to be able to proportion the weight. The Mommy Hook is a quick and easy add-on to any stroller that makes it super simple to hold shopping bags, groceries, your diaper bag or anything else you may be schlepping around on any given day. We also love the heavy-duty aluminum and the foam grip that keeps it from sliding around.

Stroller Hack No.4

Stroller comfort blankets

Did you know that many babies have a comfort blanket with a favorite texture that they hold on to and rub to self-soothe? They are super-soft blankets for your stroller that will not only keep your kids warm in the winter months but, as mentioned, will naturally soothe them. Whether you’re heading out during cool weather or warm weather, a stroller blanket is the best stroller hack to make your child more comfortable. They are great for keeping your little one from catching a chill. Lastly, we must note that it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a comforter, comfort blanket, or any other fabric your baby loves – the key is familiarity to calm your baby.

Stroller blankets keep your little one warm and protected from the elements while out and about. They are always the perfect length. You find them big enough to fit over your little one and small enough to not hang off the stroller and cause you to wish so much ill upon an innocent blanket right there on the sidewalk. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that they’re great to use as a stroller cover during a supervised nap.  Lastly, they can be used as a receiving blanket, for naps at home, tummy time, or just for cozy snuggle time.

What size should a stroller blanket be?

Baby stroller blankets are the most consistent in size. Typically, they are 30 inches by 40 inches and designed to fit conventional strollers. To put those dimensions into perspective, the average swaddle ranges between 40 and 48 inches. Stroller blankets are also super great at getting caught in wheels.

Stroller Hack No.5

Stroller Liners

A Pram Liner will help protect your stroller investment. Besides keeping the baby comfortable, the liner will also keep your pram clean, by protecting it from messes and spills. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures and keep your pram clean and protected as well as ensuring a comfortable ride for your little one. With so many choices out there, it may get confusing. Below we will mention some of the factors you need to look out for.

How to choose stroller liners?

A Pram Liner will help protect your stroller investment. Besides keeping the baby comfortable, the liner will also keep your pram clean, by protecting it from messes and spills. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures and keep your pram clean and protected as well as ensuring a comfortable ride for your little one. With so many choices out there, it may get confusing. Below we will mention some of the factors you need to look out for.

Custom made or Universal Fit:

While both liners may serve the purpose of being comfortable and well-fitting, a custom-made one will cost about twice as much. Most of the Universal Pram Liners are cleverly designed to fit all prams and strollers. Therefore it is not worth paying that much more.


As mentioned before, this is the key consideration. We all know that comfort for a baby is the most important factor. You have to make sure the Pam Liner has adequate padding for the baby to sit on and will feel comfortable even when the road gets bumpy. Many liners are too thin or some may charge you extra for additional filling. We recommend you choose a liner that has at least a 300gsm density of padding to absorb the bump in the road.

Cotton Twill:

Remember that a Cotton Liner will be more comfortable for the baby. That’s because cotton is a breathable material and will be suitable for all seasons. This material will feel soft on baby’s gentle skin.


It is very important to make sure the liner you choose is easy and convenient to use. This way you will be able to get your baby in and out of the pram quickly. Remember that a Pram Liner with vertical slots allows for easy access to the harness straps. You can buckle up your bub quickly and be on your way in no time.


Your pram is always out and about. This means that your Pram Liner needs to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Try to choose a liner that is made from durable material with reinforced stitching at the joints. Cotton twill for example, with its distinct diagonal lines, is an extremely durable material with a soft feel.

baby sitting in a stroller secured by stroller liners

Practical & Style:

Lastly, besides all the above a Pram Liner will also beautify your pram. This way you will be able to travel in style. Liners with vibrant print or exclusive design will brighten up an old pram or make your pram stands out. Keep in mind that it would be an added bonus if the liners could come with matching accessories such as Harness covers, Pram organizer, Head support, and Footmuff. This will let you customize your look and equip your pram for all seasons.

In conclusion

All of the stroller hacks mentioned above and equipment can help you use your stroller to its fullest potential. They are able to improve its functionality and comfort level.  All of these items can be found online or through other sources, so they may not be as hard to find as you think. What’s more, they won’t put as big of a dent in your finances. That’s because you can find many of them at a decent price.

Before you go, take a look at the Kinderwagon stroller that would look great with any of these stroller accessories 👉🏻 Click here!

mother wearing red rain boots is holding an umbrella in one hand and pushing the stroller which has a stroller rain cover with the other hand

Are Stroller Rain Covers Safe?

Are stroller rain covers safe?

We’re still in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. Therefore, going for walks can be a safe activity to do with your kids. Babies do need fresh air and sunlight to stay healthy. Besides, a 20 or 30 minutes walk can be therapeutic for both, the parent and the child. As we all know, using a stroller is the most convenient way to bring out your little one into the outside world. However, the outside environment is different from the home. Entering the rainy/windy season – you might need a stroller cover. Most experts recommended using stroller rain covers as the best way to protect your baby from weather like rain, snow, wind, and everything in between. 

It is also believed that this can be a great way to keep your child protected from COVID and germs in general if they’re too young for a mask. But are stroller rain covers safe? Did you know that choosing the wrong stroller rain cover will increase the health risks of your baby? You surely don’t want this. Every parent tries to choose the best thing for their children. In this case, you also need to choose wisely. Sometimes, you may be doing more harm than good. Let’s find out what you might be doing wrong.

mother pushing a baby stroller in the rain and protecting her baby with a baby rain cover

What are stroller rain covers?

As mentioned before, a stroller rain cover is an accessory designed to protect your stroller and your child from getting wet when it’s raining, snowing, and cold from strong winds. We strongly believe it is a must-have item for parents with small kids. Sometimes, rain happens. Of course, getting caught in the rain might sound adventurous and fun, but not for a mother pushing their baby in a stroller. Whether you’ve got a twin stroller (such as Hop), a jogging stroller (such as Jump), or the most-expensive stroller out there, you know how important a stroller rain cover is. Remember that investing in a stroller cover should not be confused with a stroller blanket.

Anyways, there’s no need to worry as it is not a huge investment. Stroller rain covers are all pretty reasonably priced. When the weather conditions outside are bitterly cold, this item is going to help keep your baby dry, warm, and comfortable. Most stroller rain covers are usually made with water-resistant material. Did you know that they have transparent windows to allow your child to see outside?  What’s more, they come with ventilation holes for free air circulation. These are the basic features. There are more expensive rain covers featuring a user-friendly design with zippers, UPF protection, handy storage pockets, a storage pouch, etc.

Benefits of stroller rain covers

Stroller rain covers are helpful in many ways. We all know that they play an important role in protecting your baby from the harsh elements of the environment. If you have a stroller rain cover, then you can walk without having to hurry back home due to impulsive weather changes. Their main benefit is that they save you from most weather conditions like rain, snow, wind, and cold temperatures. Furthermore, your baby will have a clear view through a clear optical window. Stroller rain covers also contain compact size that can store at the bottom of the stroller. Parents can easily install and remove the cover at any time. Lastly, when the covers get dirty, you can use a washing machine to clean them off.

Stroller safety warning for every parent

Are stroller rain covers safe?

We previously mentioned some of the many advantages of having a stroller rain cover while touring outside. It is worth noting that there are some disadvantages of stroller rain covers too. So, if you do happen to turn to this approach, be extra careful as any over a pram can be dangerous. This is one of the things that makes stroller rain covers unsuitable.

Referring to different researchers, if you drape something over the top of the stroller like rain covers or thin blankets, they can create a furnace-like heat inside the stroller. This reduces air circulation. We all know that young children are more sensitive to heat than older children or adults. Their body temperature can rise three-to-five times faster. As a result, the heat inside the stroller puts them at greater risk of heat stroke and other health risks such as SIDS as their body temperature reaches dangerous levels much sooner. 

But what can you do to keep your baby safe? First, try to always monitor the temperature inside. Make sure prying little hands aren’t reaching in without you noticing. Also, try to consider giving it a quick wipe down before you take the baby out so you don’t transfer anything from the outside in. Most importantly, if you suppose your baby is having heat exhaustion, bring your baby out and get them into an air-conditioned environment. Then give him some fluids. Remember, no matter what, you can not detach the rain covers forever. All you have to do is choose the right rain covers that make sure a healthy temperature inside the stroller.

Different types of stroller rain covers to help you choose one

1. A fully enclosed rain cover

This type is able to cover the whole stroller. It usually comes with a medium-sized plastic window so you can be directly connected with your baby. The material is light and breathable (usually the same as used in parachutes). That’s why it dries in a couple of minutes. This stroller rain cover is foldable and you can take it anywhere you go. It’s a great option for cold and rain. However, we don’t recommend using it in hot weather. That’s because it is closed from all sides and this might be suffocating for the baby in hot weather. Plus, it is mostly available in black color.

2. An Open-Air Rain Cover

This one is opened from all sides and only the front part is attached to the stroller. As a result, air circulation is easy. It’s made from a material that is light and soft (usually the same used in parachutes too). Therefore it dries easily and can be taken anywhere. Your baby can look around and enjoy his ride as it comes with a large plastic window.

The hooks are fastened to the front and back parts of the pushchair and the sides are left open. It is worth noting that you can use this cover in both winter and summer. This comes as a result of the fact that it is open from the sides and allows for better air circulation. What’s more, this type of stroller rain cover is available in many colors. However, we recommend choosing white because white color can reflect UV rays.  So, it doesn’t raise the temperature of the stroller quickly. We all know that the black color absorbs light and quickly raises the temperature.

mother pushing her child stroller which is covered with an open air stroller rain cover

3. Covid stroller cover

Lately, a lot of baby products manufacturers have started producing Covid covers for strollers. These covers are different from common ones available in the market because they don’t use parachute material. The whole cover is made from thick transparent plastic with a net on the lower sides for breathability. This design is efficient for protection. However, as far as we know, it doesn’t necessarily make it more special or different from the other rain covers. Therefore, if you choose to purchase this cover, at least try to buy it at the same price as the rest. Otherwise, you’re being ripped off. This type of stroller rain cover is transparent – there are no colors.

4. The mosquito net

Can the mosquito net be used as a rain cover? Using mosquito nets as rain covers would not be the best choice. So the answer is no. This one has tiny holes in it. As a result, it will not protect your baby in heavy rain. What’s more, a mosquito net is also not ideal in the post-pandemic world because it doesn’t offer the same protection. Tiny droplets present in the air can easily enter through the net and babies can inhale them. Instead, we recommend you invest in a proper rain cover.


Stroller rain covers can be found in different shapes, sizes and designes. However, certain things apply to all of them, such as the use of clear/transparent material that is waterproof, durable. Some of them are big enough to cover the entire stroller, along with the canopy.

In addition, it is also worth noting that some strollers may come bundled with a rain cover (like Kinderwagon strollers). We believe that is something you should consider when buying a new stroller. Of course, you can always buy these as separate stroller accessories. Most stroller covers are made in such a way that they fit most different brand of strollers.

Ventilation is very important

We all know that rain covers do a good job of keeping away the rains. However, as mentioned before, it can get suffocating inside if there’s no adequate ventilation. They must have openings on both sides in the form of holes, and a small portion could be netted for proper ventilation.

How to properly attach an universal rain cover to a stroller

Universal rain covers are easy to fix into the stroller protecting your baby from wind and rain.  If it starts to rain, and you are outside with your baby in the stroller, here’s what you have to do:

* First, you have to roll out your stroller cover if it is attached to the stroller or pull it from your baby bag. Then, try to tuck it well according to the manufacturer instructions.

* Open the ventilation of the stroller rain cover to allow free flow of air, to prevent suffocating the baby

* Lastly, remember to keep your baby safe and enjoy your stroll.


Can babies breathe normally inside the stroller rain cover?

Your baby can breathe normally inside the rain cover only if the rain cover has ventilation holes. The ventilation holes are responsible for keeping the inside air fresh and make sure your baby doesn’t have any irritation.

Here’s what to consider when choosing the right stroller rain cover for you?


The first thing to consider is the color of the stroller rain covers. As mentioned before, the light-colored ones would be a wise decision. That’s because deep colors absorb heat and light colors reflect the heat. Therefore, white or other colors will be perfect for your baby.

All-Round Protection

The reason why you are buying the rain cover is for your baby’s protection. So, you have to make sure it provides your baby with the full protection you need. Remember, it should be 100% waterproof and cover the stroller from head to toe.


We all know that every chemical product affects the baby’s health. Therefore, you must choose non-toxic material for the rain covers too. Non-toxic materials are always safe for your little ones.

Full Visibility

We recommend you pick a stroller rain cover that comes with a transparent large window. It allows you to notice your baby. You can also check your kid all the time. Keep in mind that it would be better if there are fasteners to the window so that you can open the window when the weather is calm.


Breathability is, without doubt, the most significant consideration while purchasing a rain cover. It helps in allowing the stroller to escape inside air while keeping your baby dry and normalizing the temperature inside the coverage. It is a very important feature in the rain cover. A lot of stroller covers have ventilation holes to maintain suitable air circulation. Overall, it protects your baby when the window is closed.

Easy Access

Don’t forget to see if it can be easily installed and removed. Remember that hook and loop fasteners are relatively much easier to remove and install the cover.

Compact Size

Of course, you don’t want to put the rain cover on sunny days. Anyways it is not yet too late for the weather to become harsh. Choose a stroller cover that comes with a compact size so that it can easily be stored at the bottom of the stroller. This way you’ll be able to put it anytime when the weather is getting harsh. Compact size is important for storage.

Is it a good idea to let children play in the rain?

Experts say that there is no harm in children playing in the rain. However, they should not stay drenched for too long. It is worth noting that parents should be concerned if their child is playing in standing water. There is a good chance of them contracting a number of diseases from playing in standing water because it is not purely rain water. It is mixed with sewage that has a high fecal content. Furthermore, standing water also becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes, responsible for the spread of dengue. Children will also be at risk of diarrhoea and skin infections. So, as far as simply enjoying the monsoon rain and splashing around rain water is concerned, doctors say parents need not worry.

Can babies play in the rain?

It is okay for the babies to play in the rain for a few minutes. Especially children under two years of age should not play in the rain for longer than an hour. Don’t forget that it puts them at risk for hypothermia. Young kids might lose too much body heat if they stay in the water too long.

Let the fun begin on every rainy day 

Once you step outside, try to make it fun by being creative with your rainy day activities. You can talk to your baby about what you see and let the weather stimulate his/her senses. Go out in nature and listen closely to the pitter patter of raindrops. Examine leaves and flower petals up close to see how the water drips off of them. Enjoy it by gazing up at the clouds and allowing your baby feel the wet wind on the face and hands. Serenade your baby with songs like “Singing in the Rain” or try to dance in some puddles together. If your little one can walk (and you dressed him/her in rain boots), allow him/her to explore on his/her own, splashing in puddles or catching rain on the tongue. How about bringing a bucket and letting your kid collect rainwater?

Do you really need a rain cover for your stroller?

Has the weather ever switched from  partly cloudy into stormy faster than your weather app predicted? In this case you’re going to need a rain cover to keep your little one dry and protected from rain, snow or wind. If you’re a city parent who’ll be doing lots of walking a weather cover is especially important.  As mentioned before, it is supposed to have features such as ventilated sides, a large front window and a snap pocket in the back for umbrella storage. The universal fit works on all strollers. However we recommend you to measure before buying  to make sure it works for you.

Don’t forget to choose the right baby stroller

 Any baby stroller will add an extra layer of warmth and weather protection for your little one. We recommend strollers with some adjustability. This will allow you to get truly comfortable if you’re wearing a few extra layers. Adjustable pouches, wraps, ring slings, mei tais, and buckle strollers – all have the ability to adapt to thick sweaters and coats. You also need to consider a stroller that is easy and simple to get on and off. Every parent wants to be able to pop baby out quickly if s/he gets unhappy which, of course, happens more easily in cold weather!

Take a look at Skip

Skip strollers are one of those baby products that are a must-have as they provide a great deal of safety, comfort and convenience. Being a lightweight umbrella stroller, Skip makes travel and storage easy, while high-function stroller systems boast helpful features like extra storage and snap -on bassinets or car seats. Usually, this baby stroller makes all the difference for the parents in how they go about daily activities with their baby. With 6 1/2 inch wheels you will be able to conquer whatever terrain gets in your way. Quick, nimble and folds up in a flash to be stored in the trunk of your car or the tiniest of closets. Skip baby strollers are convenient for both newborn and older babies. While most umbrella strollers are designed for children 6 months and up, Skip is suitable from 3+ months, or birth with a compatible infant car seat. So, if you want a stroller for everyday use that’s lightweight, quick & simple to fold, as well as easy to carry, you might be best to look at SKIP.

The bottom line

Remember that baby’s protection starts with choosing the stroller rain cover. We know that parents are really caring about their kid’s health. Therefore these considerations should not be neglected. When buying a rain cover, you need to make sure all the features are in favor. When using it, try to avoid excess cushioning your baby because it restricts the baby’s skin from breathing normally. Now you have a proper idea about how to choose a rain cover and if the rain covers are necessary. You also know what materials and colors to choose from. Keep this guide in mind when you go looking for a rain cover for your tiny tot. It is surely going to help you choose the best rain covers according to your weather and availability.

banned strollers in disneyland

Banned strollers that can ruin your Disney adventure

Banned strollers that can ruin your disney adventure

If you have kids you probably know that vacationing with Mickey and friends may be trickier – especially for families who use strollers inside Disney parks. And if you have one of these banned strollers with you, your trip can become a little unpleasant. In spring 2019, Walt Disney World along with Disneyland implemented updates to their banned strollers policies.

The company has announced that effective May 1, 2019, there would be size limitations on strollers that could enter the parks. What’s more, stroller wagons were being added to the list of items with wheels (i.e. skateboards, scooters, inline skates, shoes with built-in wheels, pull wagons, and wheeled mobility devices with less than 3 wheels, among others) that could no longer be brought into the park.  In this article, we will go into more detail on the restrictions made by them and we will also help you to find the best solution when it comes to strolling. So stay tuned and let’s get started!

black stroller with mickey mouse prints and big yellow wheels standing in front of a Disney castle

But why did Disney ban strollers with specific sizes in their parks?

Walt Disney World Resort makes updates from time to time. The reduction of stroller sizes is intended to alleviate stroller congestion and improve park traffic flow. This is going to make the park experience more enjoyable for everyone who visits. As mentioned before, stroller wagons, whether pushed or pulled, are banned. Unfortunately, they are not allowed at any theme park or water park or at indoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Few tips to keep in mind

You’ll likely want to have a double stroller if you’re traveling with two small children or twins. If you’re flying in, you’ll have to make sure the stroller is also allowed to be gate-checked, so you should start by checking your airline’s restrictions first. Remember that not all double strollers meet the height and weight limits.

Don’t forget you’ll have to fold and carry your stroller when going on and off the transportation to local area hotels. So, folding and carrying a deluxe double stroller while also corralling twin toddlers may seem more trouble than it is worth. That’s why we recommend you choose a more flimsy, but easier-to-handle double umbrella stroller. It may not be as smooth to push around, but it’s definitely lighter and less of a hassle.

So what can you bring to Disney?

When traveling with infants, babies, or toddlers, a stroller at Disney is a necessity. That’s because Disney parks are large and require a lot of walking. Even the walk from the park to the hotel or parking garage can be just too much for tired kids (and adults!) at the end of a magical day. Therefore you’ll absolutely want to have a stroller on your Walt Disney World vacation.

When packing before your Disney trips, are you wondering whether to bring or rent a stroller there and what kind of stroller to use? Bringing your own stroller is the most affordable option and we totally recommend this. It can provide your child with a familiar napping place as well as a comfortable spot to rest. The new regulations prohibit strollers larger than 31 inches (79cm) wide and 52 inches (132cm) long.

The good news is that- Kinderwagon strollers, including our double strollers, fit within these size guidelines. Here are some options to consider:

Hop Double Stroller

Are you planning on going to Disney parks with your kids? Then this is the solution for you:  Hop double stroller.  Not only does it measure within  31″ X 52″, but Hop also has plenty of storage space. This stroller has enough room for bags and nappies underneath the seat in the form of a basket plus side, which helps you to put some extra storage in. You may also hang stuff on the handlebars as well.

To be more specific

Its dimensions go up to 45″ L x 12″ W x 15.5″ H when folded and 30″ L x 20.5″ W x 42″ H when unfolded. Therefore, there is no need to be intimidated by the stroller’s size. That’s because the fact of the matter is that this double stroller can take you everywhere. It is also made to be easily collapsible. That being said, you can fold your double stroller to its smallest size and keep it in a closet or hallway at your home. It also makes for easy downsizing in a small restaurant, on public transportation, or on an airplane if need be.

Red double stroller for big kids that is not banned in disney parks

HOP is our tandem umbrella double stroller that really packs a punch. This stroller gives your youngest the comfortable and safe accommodations that they’d have had if they were in a single stroller while at the same time letting your older child ride comfortably when they’re too tired. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow, and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for a sibling that is close in age, the small footprint, and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period. So if you have been blessed with twins or have 2 children who are close in age, a Hop stroller can help you cope with both your kids simultaneously.

Jump Stroller

It only weighs 18 lbs and its dimensions go for 45″ L x 11″ W x 15.5″ H when folded and  30″ L x 20.5″ W x 42″ H when unfolded. “Jump” has a lightweight aluminum frame, a compact umbrella fold, and a removable canopy. It also includes a rain cover and a removable cup holder. Not only will it provide the parents with a lot of value and comfort, but also help them to protect their babies against sunburns and to organize the essential baby stuff while they are traveling with them (using the spacious compartments in the strollers).

Jump” stroller is the perfect option for families on the go!

A rear platform seat allows a child 2.5+ years to easily “jump” on and off. The comfy front seat is suitable from 3+ months or birth with a compatible infant car seat. These features make Jump your go-to stroller for siblings close in age.

Did we mention that it’s the same size as a single umbrella stroller? Therefore, with Jump, you will be able to conquer whatever terrain gets in your way. It is quick, nimble, and folds up in a flash. You can store it in the trunk of your car or the tiniest of closets. “Jump” stroller cuts down on your physical efforts and it is convenient when you are traveling. It will help your child in being secure and happy on any journey or trip.

If not convinced yet, we have some other stroller options that will be perfect for Disney Parks, and will keep out of the list of the banned stroller!  👉🏻 Take a look!

Double umbrella stroller that is not banned in disney land

What if your stroller is already larger than the size allowed?

Disney Parks are large and sprawling. A walk from the bus station to the hotel room or from the room to the dining hall can be exhausting for your kids. You are always going to need a stroller there for your little one. It’s a fact that strollers can make navigating the Disney parks easier, especially at the end of a long and busy day with a baby or toddler. Therefore, if your stroller is already larger than the size allowed, and is on the list of the banned stroller you can rent one. They are available to rent at various locations throughout the Disney parks and the Disney Springs area. There’s no stroller rental at Downtown Disney in California. However, refer to the specific Disney app to locate Disneyland and Disney World stroller rental locations.

At Disneyland, single strollers are $18 a day and double strollers are $36 a day. Pricing at Walt Disney World is $15 per day for a single stroller or $31 for a double. What’s more, multi-day length of stay discounts is available to bring your price down. Try to keep your receipt in a safe, dry place because you’ll need to show proof of payment each day. Lastly, don’t forget to make sure to arrive early. You will have to accommodate the extra time it will take to rent and pick up your stroller.

Renting From a Third Party Stroller Provider

You can also rent from a third-party company. This will allow your family to take the stroller anywhere (including outside the parks). For about the same cost as a Disney park stroller rental, parents may rent from a third-party stroller provider. This way they will be able to use a stroller that is more comfortable. However, costs may vary slightly between companies and stroller models. Most of them offer free delivery.

You can also buy a new stroller at Disney

Usually, visitors will either bring their own or rent strollers at Disney. However, some Disney parks and shops on the property have an umbrella-style stroller for purchase. Purchasing a stroller might be less expensive than renting.

So, if you’re heading to a local store in the area (like Target or Walmart), consider picking up an inexpensive stroller (such as Vie) to use on your trip. Another good idea would be to have a stroller shipped directly to your Disney hotel. Hopefully, there may be a package delivery fee; check with your hotel on their policies for shipments). After your trip, you can choose to bring the stroller home with you. Otherwise, you can leave it behind for another family to use.

What else might ruin your Disney adventure?

Many thoughts enter Guests’ minds when visiting Walt Disney World. Starting from exciting and thrilling rides like Splash Mountain, to The Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror, and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to classic attractions like Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, and the famous Cinderella Castle. We know how Walt Disney World is filled to the brim with iconic characters, rides, and magical moments.

A lot of people see a trip to Disney as the perfect vacation for the whole family. Everyone is able to enjoy incredible rides, delicious food, and an all-around incredible atmosphere. However, when visiting any of the Disney Parks or Resorts it is crucial to understand the rules and abide by them. When visiting Walt Disney World, Guests can check all of the rules and regulations on the official website of the Resort.

some things that you will not want to do while in Walt Disney World:

  • Stealing, which, of course, should be obvious. If you are not wanting to get kicked out of Disney or potentially get a lifetime ban, do not steal while in the Parks or Resorts.
  • You are not allowed to use rude gestures. Heavy usage of any kind of obscene language, as well as rude or offensive gestures, is not permitted.
  • Remember, you cannot spread any kind of propaganda at the Walt Disney World Resort, be it political or other.

    As we all know, Disney does host political events and conventions. However, guests seen spreading propaganda or publicly advocating for a leader or public figure will be told to stop or remove it.

  • Excessive Drinking is not allowed either. You can easily get your drink on as you have so many great alcoholic beverages to choose from across the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Are you walking around Splash Mountain hammered? Then don’t be surprised when Disney asks you to leave.

  • Smoking has actually been banned from Disney Parks in the U.S. for quite some time. If you are wanting to smoke, Guests can find designated smoking areas outside of the parks. But since March 2019, smoking (or vaping) of any kind is not allowed inside the parks. 


  • Sneaking in Unauthorized Area is not allowed. It is very important that Guests stay out of unauthorized, backstage areas as these are designated for Cast Members only. If you attempt to go somewhere you shouldn’t, you will definitely be kicked out.
  • Jumping out of a ride will ruin your Disney adventure. There is a reason every Disney attraction states to keep your arms and feet inside the ride vehicle all the time. If you try and cause a scene by jumping out of a moving attraction at Disney, you will get in trouble.
  • Do not cut in line. We know that lines at Disney can get long and boring, especially if they are outside in the hot Florida sun. No matter the fact, it is unacceptable for Guests to cut in line at any ride or attraction. Remember, if you are caught doing so, you will get escorted out of the Park quickly.
  • Not wearing a mask will get you in trouble too. Guests have to get used to this new guideline. If you do not have a mask, you may as well pack your things and head out. It is also worth noting that even if you are not properly wearing the mask, a Cast Member will usually call you out and tell you to wear it.

All face coverings are supposed to:

  • Be made with at least 2 layers of breathable material.
  • Fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin.
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops and allow the Guest to remain hands-free.
Mother with two single stroller connected with stroller connectors

Converting a single stroller into a double

Converting a single stroller into a double

Is baby number two on his or her way? Then you may immediately start thinking about how you are going to move around with two little ones in tow. Having a means of transporting your kids around is a must. There are different ways to do this and using a double stroller is often the easiest option. When you factor in the expense of some double strollers, the remaining options can be limiting to many families. 

Anyways, there is no need to worry about it. That’s because there are a few great alternatives to a double stroller that will allow your toddler to easily switch between riding and walking, while at the same time saving you space and money.

Mother pushing a stroller that she has converted from single to a double stroller

Did you know that there is also a range of single pushchairs which can be converted to a double at a later date? Single to double pushchairs are a great choice for parents expecting a brother or sister for their older baby or toddler. In this article, we will provide some of the ways you can convert your single stroller into a double stroller. You can even convert your double stroller into a triple baby stroller. Here’s how:

Using Stroller boards to convert a single stroller into a double

Stroller boards are stroller accessories that can be attached to the rear of the stroller allowing another child (the elder one) to stand. It’s always very easy to attach, and the universal ones work with most strollers. Stroller boards (also known as Stroller platforms or buggy boards) allow your kid to hop onto the stroller while you push your baby in their pushchair. They also come in handy when shopping, you can keep the shopping basket on it if it’s not occupied by your child. You can carry packs of water on it or your shopping basket on it.

With two kids, life will become much easier to get around with this stroller platform attached.

There are two types of this Stroller Platform:

  • Universal Stroller Platforms that come with special adapters that allow the platform to be attached to most strollers. These can be used with many different pushchairs, travel systems, and prams.
  • Stroller-specific platform that can only be attached to certain makes and models.

Converting a single stroller into a double with Stroller Connectors

Another option is to buy stroller connectors. However, you will also need one more stroller- maybe you have found it cheap somewhere, or hopefully someone has gifted you. Once you have two strollers, you can connect them together using stroller connectors. These small parts help you connect the two strollers together. When you’re with another adult, you can split the two strollers and go separate ways (if you wish). 

All you have to do is just remove these connectors and split the two strollers. Then each adult can then push one stroller. Of course, you can always reconnect the two strollers later using these connectors. It saves cost as you really don’t have to buy a double stroller when you can just manage with a connector.

Two single strollers converted into a double with stroller connectors

A Stroller Connector is a cheap way to make a twin stroller

Stroller connectors also known as a stroller link, allow you to easily connect two ordinary umbrella strollers. This way you will make it into one double twin stroller. You can do it for a fraction of the cost of an official double stroller. You don’t need any special tool to attach this; these connectors adjust so that they can fit strollers with different sized tubes. The biggest advantage is that you can push both the twins around, all by yourself! Also, we must note that it’s very easy to attach these connectors (they have to be attached at multiple points).

They are not difficult to use. Usually, stroller connectors come with three separate latches. These latches have to be connected to the tube near the handle, to the one near the back wheel, and near the front wheel. This way you ensure the two strollers firmly stay together, and are not very difficult to maneuver, especially while turning.

Things to remember

This is a great and inexpensive alternative to buying a double stroller, but here are a couple of things to keep in mind. There can be issues around handling the strollers though. The more common ones are as follows:

  • It can make the strollers wider.
  • It can be a nightmare in case you decide to take it to very crowded places.
  • It can be a little more challenging and require more effort to maneuver around certain corners.

However, for the price you pay, these are minor inconveniences.

Jump seats

A Jump Seat for a stroller is a small seat (a second one) that attaches to the stroller in order to accommodate a smaller child. Depending on the model, the jump seat could be in the front, in the rear, or even on the side. This is an easy way for you to convert a single stroller into a double one. You don’t need to buy a double stroller if you’re able to buy the right clip-on seat.

Anyways, it is worth noting that there’s one challenge of a jump seat. It may obstruct the view of the other child. This depends on where it is placed. With the jump seat attached, the baby in the rear seat doesn’t get a great view of the front, but s/he has the option of looking sideways though.

What’s more, did you know that some parents buy a jump seat to get more storage space? This happens when they assume their current stroller has limited storage space. You can put the baby in the jump seat and use the seat behind as storage space for baby essentials.

a blond boy is sitting in a jump seat attached to a stroller in order to convert it form a single stroller into a double

Clip-on Side Seats

Some parents feel that the best option would be to have something that would attach to the side of the stroller. This way both of the kids will have the front size view. This design may work for infants. We must note that we are not sure if that would be suitable to accommodate a toddler as it would make it unstable. 

What’s more, having it on the side will make it wider and difficult to maneuver. It is also more difficult to take it through narrow passages. However, this product can be easily attached to the side, and also can be removed conveniently. Clip-on Side Seats can be attached to pretty much any stroller. They allow you to keep your original stroller for your newborn and have a child seat attached for your toddler.  So, you have this option too, and it’s cheaper than buying a double stroller.

Why would anybody want to convert a single stroller into a double?

There are several reasons for that. The most important reason is that certain things are not planned. When parents have one kid, they’re not sure whether they will opt for another one. Therefore they buy a single stroller and 2-3 years down the line they have another child. Now they have this need of transporting two kids. Expenses also shoot up, and then most parents don’t just rush to buy the most expensive double stroller available on the market. Usually, they look for ways to reuse things they already have.

Another option is to purchase a convertible stroller

When parents shop for their first stroller, they’re naturally thinking about their first baby. But then, in seemingly no time, Baby number 2 is on the way, while Baby number 1 still needs the stroller, too.

The solution? Purchasing a convertible stroller which can be both single and double.  It allows you to attach a second stroller seat, infant car seat, or, in some cases, a bassinet in order to transform a single stroller into a ride for two. This way, when your older child insists s/he’s too grown-up for a stroller, you will be able to detach the second seat and convert it to a single stroller. If it turns out that s/he’s not quite grown-up enough for long walks, after all, you can add a glider board so she can ride along.

Convertible strollers are a good idea because most of them offer multiple seat configurations so that your kids can face you, face the world or face each other. This is very important as it helps you attempt to keep two kids happy at the same time. However, given their size and complexity, convertible strollers can be both heavy and expensive. Keep in mind that it endures for years as your family expands. That’s why a high-quality convertible stroller can be a wise investment for new parents.

Here are the main things you need to consider:

shopping for your first stroller?

  • How soon would you plan to have a second child? Remember, if it is more than a 3 year age gap, then you are not likely to use a double stroller much. Consider a single stroller instead. You can then purchase a toddler board when your second child comes along.
  • Are you planning to have a second child less than 3 years after your first child? Then a convertible double stroller would be a good choice. It is very important to make sure you choose a pram that you are happy with within the single-mode. Otherwise, you may regret purchasing a double stroller just for the sake of future-proofing.
  • Are you expecting a child that is not your first, and the older sibling is less than 3 years old? In this case, a convertible double stroller is likely to be a good idea for the reasons stated above. You are going to use it as a double stroller. When the older sibling grows up you can then convert it to a single one. Therefore, when you buy your convertible double stroller, make sure you consider the second seat and bassinet/carrycot.

shopping for a stroller

  • When considering a second seat or bassinet/carrycot, it is also important to consider the use of a capsule. As far as we know, many convertible double strollers are compatible with car capsules. Let’s consider the scenario of an older sibling who is around the age of 3, and a newborn baby. Instead of buying a second seat or bassinet/carrycot, you could utilize a car capsule. This way, the older sibling sits in the seat, and the newborn lies in the capsule. When the newborn outgrows the capsule (at around 6 months), the older sibling may be ready to use a toddler board. Then the stroller could be converted to single mode. This would save you from purchasing a second seat or bassinet/carrycot.

To Conclude

We have discussed several ways to convert a single stroller into a double one. These are the most common options you have. Each of them has its pros and cons. Do all the methods mentioned above sound too complicated or technical? Were you planning to buy stroller accessories to help convert your single stroller to a double one, but after reading this, you are confused as to what you should buy?

Well, in that case just go ahead with the double stroller that you were planning to buy. We know most parents would love to retain their original stroller, as it provides comfort to them (they are used to using it) and their toddler. But adding another part/attachment also has its challenges, even though it turns out to be cheaper.

Take a look at Hop

HOP is our tandem umbrella stroller that really packs a punch, giving your youngest the comfortable and safe accommodations that they’d have had if they were in a single stroller while at the same time letting your older child ride comfortably when they’re too tired. 

HOP will help parents to make exercise, errands, and daily life easier. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow, and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for both twins and siblings that are close in age the small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period. 

So if you have been blessed with twins or have 2 children who are close in age, Hop stroller can help you cope with both your kids simultaneously.

Red double stroller for big kids that is not banned in disney parks

Jump Double baby stroller

“Jump” is the perfect option for families on the go! A rear platform seat allows a child 2.5+ years to easily “jump” on and off. The comfy front seat is suitable from 3+ months or birth with a compatible infant car seat. These features make Jump your go-to stroller for siblings close in age too.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame, a compact umbrella fold, and a removable canopy. This stroller also includes a removable cup holder. And for the baby, it brings comfort and security. If you as a parent are looking for a stroller that provides comfort and coziness for both parties (parents + kids), “Jump” would be the best choice as it is ergonomic, with an adjustable seat and even a canopy to make your baby feel protected from the elements.

Blond mother pushing a black wagon with two toddlers in the wagon

Stroller vs Wagon: How to determine which one you need.

Stroller vs wagon: how to determine which one you need

We know that every new piece of baby gear promises to make your life easier! However, if you buy into this notion you’ll quickly see how all of that baby gear adds up to make your home even more chaotic. There are hundreds of wagons and strollers on the market. New parents probably don’t know how to choose between stroller vs wagon. Of course, they both essentially do the same thing—transport your baby effectively and safely as you commute.

But are they all made the same? They are not. Even if you’re a busy mom who has to juggle multiple babies and work, or a mom with more leisure time who likes to take walks in the park, it’s important to find a baby transport that fits your lifestyle. Usually parents weigh whether a wagon for their kids is enough, or if they should purchase a baby stroller. We will help you choose! Stay tuned to hear all the factors to consider when choosing a baby stroller or wagon. And without further ado, let’s get started!

parents walking at the park with their child on a wagon

Here’s what you need to know about wagons

Wagons are usually bigger than strollers. Therefore if you have only one child, they might not appeal to you. However, there are a lot of reasons why a wagon might be the perfect fit for you. Are you a mom who loves to get as much outside time as possible? If you enjoy long walks outside, you should consider a wagon. It gives your baby the chance to lay flat and nap while you enjoy the summer rays. Of course, your little one can fall asleep in a stroller, but they won’t be as comfortable as if they had the opportunity to really stretch out like they would if they were home. So we recommend wagons for older babies and toddlers who don’t need a lot of support.

Furthermore, if you plan on having multiple children a wagon would work better for you. Instead of buying huge strollers that are really heavy, you can opt for a low-maintenance wagon that holds multiple children at a time. Did you know that there are wagons able to accommodate up to four babies? Therefore, your kid can enjoy a stroll in the park with their favorite toys and the all-terrain tires ensure that no matter where you go, your baby won’t have a rough, bumpy ride.
Besides, doesn’t pushing a stroller gets uncomfortable after a while due to back issues? The wagon bars are much higher, meaning you won’t have to bend as much. This allows you to enjoy your walk with your baby a lot more and for a lot longer.

Weight capacity

Wagons can accommodate a wide age range and several children at once. While most strollers max out at 40 pounds, the wagon’s seat bench can usually hold up to 99 lbs. and the total wagon weight capacity can go up to 300 lbs.! Therefore, even kids who no longer fit in standard stroller seats can still take a rest on your all-day outing.

Endless storage

As mentioned before, traditional strollers typically have under-bed storage that is adequate for a small diaper bag, a few snacks, and maybe a few toys. As a result, you always end up carrying multiple bags for extra storage. On the other hand, most wagons have enough room for at least two kids, if not more, with plenty of space for snacks and lounging. It is so thanks to their wide and open base. What’s more, wagons also have endless amounts of exterior storage accessories which allows you to keep the interior spacious. 

Hard to carry

Even though wagon strollers are heavily convenient, they may be hard to carry, especially if they have a lot of features. These devices are easy to push, yet the added features may sometimes make them significantly heavier. Some features might add upwards of twenty-five pounds or more, making them somewhat of a nuisance if you have to take the stroller anywhere.

Easy to clean

There aren’t many hidden spaces for goldfish and raisins to hide due to the wagon’s boxy design. Usually, wagons have extra padding to make the utility design more comfortable, but these cushions might be tossed in the wash for easy cleaning. What’s more, you can even hose down the models meant for rugged terrain.

Everything You Need To Know About Strollers

 It is very important to determine what your needs are before buying a stroller. If you live in a city, you might be more inclined to buy a stroller. That’s because they are easier to navigate in crowds, especially when you need to use Uber or public transportation. Also, there are some strollers that come with their own car seats (like Kinderwagon strollers) which makes it much easier to travel.

Umbrella strollers, such as Vie, are standard strollers that are meant for sidewalks and light commutes. Do you live in the city and do you like taking walks in your neighborhood? Would you enjoy taking a quick train ride to a park? Then this is the stroller for you. 

It’s nice to have one on hand regardless, while also owning something more heavy-duty for more involved activities. Umbrella strollers are often ideal for airplane travel as well because of how easily they fold up.


Are you an active mom and want to run?

Then you need a jogging stroller such as Jump. The jogging strollers have oversized wheels that help for running or walking over uneven surfaces. Even though most of the jogging strollers can’t be used immediately after giving birth, Jump is not the case. Jump stroller comes with a comfy front seat suitable from 3+ months or birth with a compatible infant car seat. This way there will be no need for a second stroller until your baby is about 7 or 8 months to ensure your baby is safe in the more active, bumpy, jogging stroller.

A standard all-purpose stroller is what a lot of moms tend to have. It’s big and heavy. And even though there are versions of the all-purpose stroller that are much sleeker like the Metro Baby Stroller, these strollers are reliable and you can use them right after you give birth too. They can hold your baby bag and a few other items which give you more space to push your baby around. This is the best option for moms who don’t plan on having a large family.

Purchasing such an accessory

It is worth noting that factors like where you live, your lifestyle, how many children you have, safety, and storage needs have to be considered when choosing transportation for your child. Are you seeking a traditional baby stroller for your child? Then take a look at our virtual stroller shop. Here, we carry strollers that allow you to enjoy every activity! All of our strollers are inspected for safety, professionally photographed, and certified pre-owned so that you can shop with ease from the comfort of your home. If you’re ready to purchase a Kinderwagon stroller or you have any questions, feel free to reach us. We are happy to talk with you! 

Looking for a double stroller?

HOP is a tandem umbrella stroller that really packs a punch. It gives your youngest the comfortable and safe accommodations that they’d have had if they were in a single stroller while at the same time letting your older child ride comfortably when they’re too tired. Weighing in at only 21.5 lbs. it is lightweight, narrow, and easily collapsible for parents on the go. Suitable for both twins and siblings that are close in age the small footprint and compact design make this the easiest way to get two children around period.

twin stroler

What’s the difference between a wagon and a traditional stroller?

The first difference between a wagon and a traditional stroller is that a regular stroller caters to only one child at one time. On the other hand, wagons can accommodate at least two children. Also, they frequently offer more features, making them somewhat better. Even though a wagon would be a good choice, keep in mind that traditional strollers occupy a minimal amount of space once they’re folded. To use them, you must simply open them up and then close them again.

What’s more, we must note that it is incredibly simple to place a stroller in a car’s trunk, which it’s often deemed a must-have, especially for new parents. However, buying a stroller or a wagon can still prove to be troublesome, in a way. Remember, not every stroller is suitable for everyone. Being able to find the perfect stroller or wagon for you can make an immaculate difference in your life as a parent. We recommend you go over the pros and cons of getting such an accessory before buying one for your baby.

Do you need more help to choose the perfect stroller for your child, as well as for you, as a parent? 👉🏻 Click here!

They can both make travelling a lot easier

With the help of strollers and wagons, traveling becomes nothing but a breeze. Therefore, you can rest assured that your entire trip to the market will be filled with ease and comfort, be it to a local grocery store or a shopping mall.

They both offer sun protection

Strollers and wagons have canopies that stretch horizontally to cover the entire unit. This means that your baby’s delicate skin isn’t in direct sunlight.

You will give your back a break (with both of them)

Are you wearing all the babies (and carrying all the gear)? Let a stroller or a wagon do the work. A stroller/ wagon has room for kids and deep pockets for necessities. Furthermore, the push/pull system makes maneuvering the unit easy on your core muscles.

Stroller VS Wagon: What to consider

The first question you should ask yourself when selecting a baby stroller vs a wagon is where you’ll be taking your child. It is very important to think about your daily life. Then imagine if it would be more convenient to transport your children in a stroller or a wagon to those places. 


Strollers are designed for easy maneuverability to make parents’ lives easier when they are out running errands! Most strollers (including some double strollers such as Hop) fit easily through doorways as well so that you can avoid any hassle while you’re out!  On the other hand, wagons have a basic rectangular shape that makes it difficult to navigate through indoor spaces. 


Are you concerned about bulkiness, weight, and storage when it comes to a stroller or wagon? Both stroller wagons and traditional baby strollers are portable! You will be able to find super lightweight options for both of these. It is also worth noting that there are varieties of both of these items that have easy-fold functionality. This way you don’t need to waste time assembling or breaking down this transportation solution. However, wagons are a bit wider and might be more difficult to store in tight places.

Portability and folding mechanism depend on the brand

As we all know, some fold great, others are giant monsters. The majority of strollers can fold down and fit in a bigger car. There are also some gigantic stroller wagons  (when folded). Of course, they won’t fit into smaller cars. Therefore, wagons are not the greatest for travel, public transportation, or long city trip when kids still nap. A lot of parents agree that they could never get away with just the wagon and no stroller. Kinderwagon offers the most portable strollers. Click here to quench your curiosity.


Do you have multiple children and spend a lot of time outside? Then a stroller wagon will be more convenient for you because they are wider and will allow two to three children to fit comfortably inside. 

If your children are a bit older and like to be in and out of their seats, a wagon is a bit more convenient than traditional storage because the child can easily hop out. Anyways, this can be negative as some children are masterminds in wiggling out of their stroller and trying to make a quick getaway! Keep in mind that it all depends on your unique child. Furthermore, if you are expecting your first child and run a lot of indoor errands – then a traditional stroller will be the most convenient choice. 


We all know that the number one priority for parents is safety! Strollers have a safety harness that you’ll be able to use to buckle your child into. Also, they usually have belly bars to protect your child from falling out and overhead canopies to protect them from the sun. On the other hand, there are some wagon options which come with overhead canopies and seat belts. We totally recommend finding a padded stroller wagon that has safety belts to keep your kids secure. 


Don’t forget to consider landscape and weather when choosing between a stroller wagon or a traditional stroller. If you live in a hilly area, you might need a modern stroller as they typically have a handlebar control brake which makes walking down steep hills a breeze.  Wagons might be difficult to navigate if you have to go downhill, and tough to pull up a steep walk if you need. 

Remember that gravity is not on your side when it comes to lugging along a stroller wagon. Otherwise, if you live in a relatively flat area, you might not have any difficulty navigating a wagon too. 

Special strollers that handle rough terrain

Do you find yourself carrying your stroller (with a baby onboard) over grassy patches and rocky paths? Then you need to consider a stroller that can handle off-roading, like Kinderwagon strollers. You will be able to bring them to the beach, park, nature trail, wherever your adventures take you.

They can haul more than just kids

A Kinderwagon stroller makes it easy to tote all of your baby stuff along with anything else you may need for the day. So, are you going to a park? You will be able to bring a cooler filled with food and drinks for the family. Or maybe you are headed to the beach? Now you can pile all the beach toys. They even have cupholders to carry beverages.

Your big kids can use them too

Do you have an older child who still gets tired on all-day outings but is too leggy (and heavy) for a stroller? Then you’ll want a Kinderwagon stroller. While most strollers max out at 40 pounds, a  Kinderwagon’s seat can hold kids up to 50.

To sum it up

No matter which product you choose, just keep in mind what your tolerance is, what your lifestyle is, and whether or not you plan to have more children soon after. When choosing transportation for your child you need to consider factors like where you live, your lifestyle, how many children you have, safety, and storage.  If you are seeking a baby stroller for your child, then take a look at our virtual Stroller Store! It is worth noting that all of our strollers are inspected for safety, professionally photographed, and certified pre-owned. This way you can shop with ease from the comfort of your home.